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Hi,Well really know one hates Selena.She is a fun loving girl. People hate ussally cuz they think sh hates miley. But she is not. Shes ok but shes soo mean to demi and stuff :(actually some people hates her because she waas dating with JB.

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What Fruit Does Selena gomez hate?

Selena Gomez Hates Apples

Does Mitchel hate Selena gomez?

yes Mitchel Musso hates Selena Gomez

Does Selena Gomez hate Muslims?


Does Selena Gomez hate iranians?

Of course not, Selena would never hate anyone:)

What are some things Selena gomez hates?

Selena Gomez Dosen't Hate People Or Anybody .

Can Selena gomez get in trouble for being older than Justin?

I wish. I hate u Selena Gomez!

Does Selena Gomez hate Cody Linley?


Does Vanessa Hudgens hate selena gomez?


Do Selena Gomez hate ashlan people?


Does Selena Gomez hate Demi Lavato?


Does Selena Gomez hate black people?


Did Selena Gomez hate Malaysia?


Did Selena Gomez hate anyone famous?


Does Selena Gomez hate anything?


What animal does Selena Gomez hate?


Does Selena Gomez hate her mom?

no Selena loves her very much

Does Selena gomez hate Miley Cyrus?

NO they are like BFF's they are so close cause there both superstarsNo Selena Gomez didnt hate miley :)

Do people hate justin bieber for dating Selena Gomez?

Yes because Justin Bieber's fans love him and hate how Selena Gomez is going out with him.

Why did jasmine villegas followed Selena Gomez hate account on twitter?

because shes jealous of selena gomez and she wants selena gomez to beat her up.

What color does Selena Gomez hate?

well i hate the color purple

Why Miley Cyrus hate Selena gomez?

because everyone says.......hate Miley Cyrus because Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!! Selena Gomez is not better singer,she just can sleep at home!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!did really Justin bieber couple with Selena Gomez!!!!!! i think Justin bieber turn crazy now...........i think jasmine is more beautiful than Selena.............and Selena also take nick from miley!!!!!! nick Jonas just couple with Selena Gomez because wanna made miley jealous............................I HATE SELENA GOMEZ............. Selena Gomez just wear a dress like monkey grandmother...........

What food does Selena Gomez hate?

Mexican food

Does Demi Lovato hate selena gomez?

no they are bff's

Do Selena Gomez love Miley Cyrus?

no, she hate her

Does Selena gomez hate Demi Lovato now?


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