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Q: Do you have a choice of indenting paragraphs or using block formatting?
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Is it true of a paragraph is indented in a block style letter?

yes because all stories, letters, any thing that is writen had to be indented

How is indenting paragraphs used?

The purpose of indenting paragraphs is to indicate a change of subject (as when you move to a new "topic sentence") or at least to break up the text into more readable sections. No one wants to read an excessively long paragraph. It is easier to take in meaning when there are pauses provided by paragraphing. Indenting is not the only way to show paragraph breaks. One can use the block paragraph style, in which there are no paragraph indents but a space is skipped between paragraphs. The correct way to indent paragraphs, if that is your preferred style, is to use the tab. Strangely, many people don't know how to do this and indent by hitting the space bar a few times. This is a bad idea, because it often results in indents of uneven length and the resulting document doesn't look professional.

What is blocking format?

Block format means that all of the paragraphs are flushed left. With block format you will not have to indent your paragraphs.

Are paragraphs indented in a business letter?

if using the usual block style, no.

What is the format for block letter?

no, you do not indent. all paragraphs start at the left margin :)

What is two or more paragraphs that explain and develop a complex key idea?

paragraph block :D

What does Full Block mean?

In a full block business letter, each element of the letter (title, address, salutation, body, salutation, signature, identification, attachments) is left-aligned. Also, the first sentences of paragraphs are not indented. The first sentences of paragraphs are indented.

What formatting style is used when the dateline and the closing lines in a letter begin at the center point of the paper?

Modified block

What is the block style?

It is when the entire text is aligned to the left and is single spaced with the exception of double spacing between paragraphs

What is the distinct feature of a business letter that is formatted in the block style?

The distinctive feature of a block style is that you do not indent the first word of a paragraph. The paragraphs are distinguished by leaving a blank space between them.

What is modified block style?

A modified block style is a format for a business letter. The date and the signature are centered. All paragraphs are not indented. All text is aligned to the margin on the left side of the paper.

Formats of business lettres?

The most popular formats can be standard (includes commas), open (no punctuations), block (text is aligned to the left side) and semi-block (aligned left text and indented paragraphs).