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Yes I do. The first one is, Who wants to be a millionaire (Aug 14/03), Jeopardy (Aug 10/05),
The Wheel of Fortune (Sept. 9/06), The Simpsons - Tree house of Horror (II), Futurama, Episode #1, Hannah Montana - Lily do you want to know a secret?.
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What is a surge?

as in a surge of energy or power or short bursts of speed or energy.

Naruto episode list?

Here is the website for the list of episodes in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Copy this link and paste it in your URL: Hope I helped you!

Could you list songs with the word brain in them?

Brain of Mine . The Dendrite Song . Because I Have A Brain . Brain Rap . Telegraph Line . I've Been Working On my Neurons . Use, Use, Use You're Brain . Home In The Brain . The Brain Chemicals . The Brain Song . The Impulse Travels All Along . Old McScientist Had A Brain . Brainy, Brainy ( Full Answer )

A list of Father Ted episodes?

There were 25 episodes of Father Ted in total. They are listed below: Series 1: (6 episodes, Aired between 21 April 1995 - 26 May 1995) (1) 'Good luck Father Ted', (2) 'Entertaining Father Stone', (3) 'The passion of Saint Tibulus', (4) 'Competition Time', (5) 'And God created woman' and ( ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a list of all Smallville episodes? has quite a good episode list with an episode synopsis for each as well. It does have a few ads and things but is useful if you want to find a little bit about the episodes you are searching for. Hope that helps!

Is there a list of DiNozzo-centric NCIS episodes?

I don't know if there is list, but I'll write one. Chained SWAK Frame Up Bait Agent Afloat Bounce Grace Period (? it shows a lot of Tony's growth but not necessarily centered on him) Friends and Lovers (a lot of character growth) Bury Your Dead Family There's also a pretty big sec ( Full Answer )

List me some good sonamy episodes?

I can name one, but the English dub made it lame, episode 52 of season 2. In the original, Sonic actually said I love you to Amy, they never kiss sadly, but Amy cries in tears of joy and embraces him. In the English dub, unfortunately, the took out the I love you part, but not the embracing part:)

Episode list of sony with a chance?

Series # Season # Episode title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code . 1. 1. " Sketchy Beginnings ". David Trainer. Michael Feldman Steve Marmel. February 8, 2009 (2009-02-08). 101. 2. 2. " West Coast Story ". David Trainer. Michael Feldman Steve Marmel. Febru ( Full Answer )

List of wizards of Waverly place episodes?

It would take a long time to list all the episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place since it has over 60 episodes but if you need a list of the episodes than go to and type in List of Wizards of Waverly Place episodes and click on the link that takes you to Wikipedia where there you can find a ( Full Answer )

Sonny With a Chance episode list?

Demi Lovato , Tiffany Thornton , Brandon Mychal Smith , and Doug Brochu are present in all episodes since February 8 , 2009 . . Sterling Knight was absent for 2 episodes. . Allisyn Ashley Arm was absent for 2 episodes. . Sketchy Beginnings- Sonny Munroe enters the set, excited and not k ( Full Answer )

What is heroes season 3 episode list?

Season 3 35. 3- 1 301 22 Sep 08 (Volume Three: Villains) The Second Coming 36. 3- 2 302 22 Sep 08 The Butterfly Effect 37. 3- 3 303 29 Sep 08 One of Us, One of Them 38. 3- 4 304 6 Oct 08 I Am Become Death 39. 3- 5 305 13 ( Full Answer )

Is there a list of the 'Wizards of Waverly Place' episodes?

Series/Episode # 1 " Crazy 10 Minute Sale " Todd J. Greenwald Fred Savage October 12, 2007 (2007-10-12) 102 Alex really wants to go to the Crazy 10 Minute Sale, but her father and wizard teacher Jerry says she can't miss class. She devises a plan to sneak out of wizard class and buy a jacket befor ( Full Answer )

What is the full list of Phineas and Ferb episodes?

Here it is: " Rollercoaster " August 17, 2007 (2007-08-17) N/A 101A. In the series premiere, Phineas Flynn and his older stepbrother Ferb build a rollercoaster for the neighborhood, much to their sister Candace's displeasure. Meanwhile, Perry, the boys' secret agent platypus, tries to stop his n ( Full Answer )

A list of WWE special episodes?

(1) No Mercy . (2) Hell in a Cell . (3) Cyber Sunday . (4) Breaking Point . (5) Night of Champions . (6) Royal Rumble . (7) Extreme Rules . (8) Judjement Day . (9) Bash . (10) Summerslam . (11) Wrestlemania . (12) Unforgiven . (13) Amargadon . (14) Surviver Series . (15) No Way Out . ( Full Answer )

Were is brain surge located?

Brain Surge is either located in Florida, California, or NYC. - Original Answer My (Geoff Swanson's) Answer- The BrainSurge Studio is in Mayfield, NY , over by Gloversville.

How do you sign up for brain surge?

to sign up for brain surge you should go to yahoo and search "how to get on brain surge" and something should say message board ,click it and then say how bad you want to be on it and hopefully they will add you. Goodluck!!!!

Where can you get a list of Dragon Ball of episodes storyline?

im an glad to help answer this and i truly hope this helps. btw, if u click on anime list, you can see dbz movies and the others like dbz the show even gt. I strongly recomend you watch the dragon ball movie4 (not z) since it ( Full Answer )

How do you get into Brain Surge?

To get into Brain Surge, the kids show, you have to apply. You andyour family may both be able to be on the game show.

How to get on brain surge?

well first of all you must be 11 to 14 years old to enter then you go to and click on Jeff's face

Did Nat Wolff appear on Brain Surge?

Yes, Nat Wolff did appear on Brain Surge along with Jerry Tranior, Miranda Cosgrove, Ashley Argota, Victoria Justice, and Lil JJ. I hope that answers your question.

How do get on brain surge?

you have to send a message to nick and tell them about your self. they will send a letter back saying if u made it or not. PS u have to be 11-14 to enter

Is Brain Surge on Nickelodeon considered an educational show?

I presonally wouldn't consider it an education show because of the second round the stories are made up, but it can help with memory skills because if you play along at home every time you watch the show it's good practice for memory and good practice for focus, so I guess in a way it can be educati ( Full Answer )

How do you get Brain Surge audience tickets?

Just in time! BrainSurge is giving away tickets for free! I went to live auditions, so here's the link!

List of Avatar the Last Airbender episodes?

Book One: Water (In order) . "The Boy in the Iceberg" . "The Avatar Returns" . "The Southern Air Temple" . "The Warriors of Kyoshi" . "The King of Omashu" . "Imprisoned" . "The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)" . "Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2)" . "The Waterbending Scroll" . ( Full Answer )

What are the list of episodes of May and Drew?

List of episodes- "Now That's Flower Power!" Season- 6, Episode- 33 (Of advance Series) "Win, Lose or Drew!" S- 6, E- 35 (Of advance Series) "Pros and Con Artists!" S- 7, E- 50 (Of advance Series) "Come What May!" S- 7, E- 51 (Of advance Series) "Disaster of Disguise" S- 7, E- 6 ( Full Answer )

How can someone get on brain surge?

Email nick at That send your name, age, and birthday to them! Sorry, but you must be 11-14 to get in brain surge. Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation.

Mew Mew Power List of Episodes?

There are 25 episodes altogether in the English version (Mew Mew Power) and there are 52 episodes in the Japanese original version (Tokyo Mew Mew)

How do you get on brain surge?

You write a email to the people who work their, tell them about you, your age, and where you live and such. They will answer back, but if you want to be in the show you at least have to be 11-14... I can't though I am only ten.. one more year till I might get on. I hope I do, I hope this helped :)

What prizes do you get on brain surge?

The prizes vary. The grand prize is always a vacation and two other prizes and the lowest prize is like a bucket of slime and a DVD season set or at least in that price range.

What are the lists of episodes of hunter x hunter?

01. "A Boy Setting Out for a Journey × Leaving Behind the Sound of the Wind [5] " "Tabi iku shōnen × Kaze no oto wo nokoshite" (旅行く少年×風の音を残して [9] ). 1999-10-16. Gon has a run-in with a fox-bear in the forest. A mysterious ( Full Answer )

How do you enter family brain surge the game show?

Well you have to send an email to them stating all of your imformation. You'll receive a confirmation and then an email when auditions for the next season begin! "*** "Auditions are held in Los Angeles but we we able to have kids from all over the country audition by sending a video link and all ( Full Answer )

Is there a list of DiNozzo centric NCIS episodes?

There have been numerous episodes where DiNozzo is the center. For ex: Episode Bounce - he becomes team leader because someone he convicted few years ago was innocent Episode Bury your Dead - he almost gets killed while working under cover. The whole team thinks he is dead Etc

List of episodes in iCarly season 3?

iThink They Kissed iCook iSpeed Date iCarly Awards iHave My Principals iFind Lewbert's Lost Love iMove Out iQuit iCarly iSaved Your Life iWas A Pageant Girl iEnrage Gibby iSpaceout iFix A Popstar iBloop iWon't Cancel The Show iBelieve In Bigfoot iPsycho iBeat The He ( Full Answer )

Do IMDb have a Scrubs episode list?

IMBD have a Scrubs episode list on the page of their website dedicated to Scrubs. This allows the user to select a series, and view the title and short description of each episode in that series.

Is there a list of Bob's Burgers episodes?

There are seven seasons of episodes w/ one more to come [providedit doesn't get renewed again], your best bet it to go to Google orBing and type "List of Bob's Burgers Episodes" and you can perusethe list at your leisure.