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There is no model number. The "T" stands for sport.

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Q: Do you have a model number for a 9mm pistol stamped made in belgium Serial T283630?
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Who made a 22 rifle octagon barrel elg stamped on side with an s and a star just above the serial number 1180 stamped enderneath barrel?

Made in Belgium.

Where do you find serial number on a 135 Massey?

Tractor serial number stamped on instrument panel name plate, Engine serial number stamped on side of engine.

Where can you find the serial number for a Browning Light 12 made in Belgium?

Look on the bottom of the receiver, just forward of the magazine port. The serial number is stamped into the metal. Use all numbers and letter combinations if is has letters to identify the serial number.

What does serial number 4153 indicate on a Belgium shotgun?

could be the serial number or an assembly number.

How do you expose serial on 1873 Winchester?

The serial number is stamped on the bottom of the receiver.

Where is serial number on overunder rifle?

IF it has a serial number (not required in the US until 1968) it will be stamped on the receiver.

Where is serial number on forehand and Wadsworth revolver?

Most F&Ws that HAD a serial number had it stamped on the butt- and stamped on the rear of the cylinder. LEGALLY, the one on the butt is the serial number. Many older guns did not have serial numbers, especially lower cost guns.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester 1892 rifle?

The serial number should be stamped on the bottom of the receiver next to the forearm.

How do you tell if it is a true Belgium Browning?

By the serial number.

Where is the engine serial number located on a 1995 f-150?

Where is located the f150 engine serial number stamped in the block  

Are the barrels stamped with the serial number on the Model 41 Smith and Wesson?


What is the age of a Belgium Browning Hi Power 9 MM serial number 72C41055?

What is the age of a belgium 9mm browning hi power serial number 72c41055

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