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You can substitute cake flour for all purpose flour in any carrot cake recipe, but a carrot cake is so heavy just because of the carrots, cake flour won't give you any advantages.

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Q: Do you have a recipe for Carrot Cake made with cake flour?
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Can you use Cake Flour to make Carrot Cake?

no you cant

Can you use cake flour for making carrot cake?


Where can I find a carrot cake recipe?

There are lots of different websites online where you will find carrot cake recipes.Some websites i can recommend are or

How do you make a white cake from scratch?

You'll need cake flour and a reliable cake recipe.

Do you use the same amount of cake flour as all purpose flour in a recipe?

No. If the recipe calls for all purpose flour and you want to use cake flour, add an additional 2 tablespoons cake flour per each cup called for in the recipe. If the recipe calls for cake flour and you want to use all purpose flour, then you do the opposite - use 1 cup all purpose flour minus 2 tablespoons per cup. But if using all purpose flour when the recipe calls for cake flour, be sure to sift it. Cake flour is lighter and more airy than all purpose flour.

Can you replace half all purpose flour with cake flour in your cake recipe?

I think so, but if your cake flour contains raising agents you may need to reduce the quantity of other raising agents in the recipe.

Can you substitute plain flour for cake flour?

Yes. To substitute plain flour for cake flour, use 1 Tablespoon LESS all-purpose flour in each cup of cake flour called for in the recipe.

What flour makes muffins rise the most?

Cake flour, but be sure your recipe will work with cake flour, rather than all purpose flour.

Where do you get a cake in harvest moon?

cake? cake recipe? or chocolate cake? cake: whisk, oven, sugar, knife, butter, flour, egg, honey apple. and.. the chocolate cake.. i dunno the true recipe how. but, you can get when u got married.

Is cake mix the same as cake flour?

A cake mix you just add water,cake flour is heat treated and as different gluten content and can only be usedas a part of a scratch recipe.

Can you use cake flour if recipe calls for all purpose flour?

usually you can use cake flour instead of all purpose flour, as long as it does not have sugar in it.

Can cake flour be use in a soft cookie recipe that calls for alpurpose?

You can indeed. However if the cake flour contains raising agents you will have to deduct that amount from the rest of the recipe.

Can I use cake flour for regular flour in a cake recipe?

Yes Check to be sure they haven't already added baking powder.

What if your recipe calls for cake flour but all you have is self rising and unbleached flour can you use either of these?

Unbleached flour could be substituted for cake flour; use a Tablespoon less flour per cup than called for in the recipe.

How do you convert a chocolate cake recipe to vanilla cake?

A chocolate cake recipe can be converted to a vanilla cake recipe by omitting the chocolate or cocoa and increasing the amount of vanilla extract. If the chocolate recipe calls for cocoa powder, replace with an equal amount of sifted flour.

Can you use strong white flour instead of plain flour in a cake recipe?

yes you can----but the cake will be heaver--sifting alot might help.

Is cake flour self raising flour or plain flour?

If you are making a cake, use Self-raising flour. Always check the recipe to be certain, though.

Where can you find a good recipe for diabetic carrot cake?

I found a diabetic carrot cake recipe on that is described as being sinful. The secret ingredient is just a tiny bit of brown sugar and fruit.

What is a Yugoslav Carrot Cake?

Its a carrot cake served in ugoslavia. :)

What is the cake recipe that calls for eagle brand milk pudding and a white cake mix?

egg milk and flour

How do you bake a cake in harvest moon ds?

The recipe for Cake is Flour, Butter, an Egg, and a Fruit baked in the Oven.

How do I make brownie mix into brownie funnel cake?

Absolutely Best Brownies Funnel Cake funnel cake recipe with self rising flour

Is there such a thing as diabetic carrot cake recipes?

While there are things that need to be restricted on a diabetic diet there are lots of variations of great things to eat for diabetics. The website: has a great diabetic carrot cake recipe.

Who knows a good recipe for a cake that a real bunny could eat and you are not kidding you mean an actual cake for an actual rabbit?

Maybe a carrot cake, that's just me

Is carrot cake a mixture or a pure substance?

Carrot cake is a mixture.