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The Savage 6D Deluxe is a .22 caliber semi automatic rifle. It has a 24 inch barrel length and was manufactured between 1945 and 1968.

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Is any information or diagram available for a Savage Model 6D?

Try www.E-gunparts.com, it is a full source of information and exploded diagrams for that model, I personally have the springfield model 187 which is an updated version of the 6D. Good luck hunting.

What is -6d equals 42 what does d equal?

If -6d = 42 then 6d = -42. then divide by 6, d = -7

What is greatest common factor of 6d and 18d?

6d is the greatest common factor since it is a factor of itself and of 18d. Remember any number or term is a factor of itself because any number can go into itself once.

Where can you find a trigger guard for a savage arms model 6d?

The trigger guard is available from Numrich Gun Parts. There are two different types of trigger guards for the Savage 6d. The plastic guard that has a inletted area for the trigger guard in the stock and the simple bent metal trigger guard that just screws into the stock wood. Plastic trigger guard is product # 103530U $24.10 Metal guard is product # 10543OAL $11.50

72-6d equals 6 what is d?

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9d-19=6d+2 ... add 19 to both sides and subtract 6d from both sides... 9d-6d=2+19 3d=21 d=21/3 d=7

What is difference between API 6D and API 598?

The pressure test for API 598 is slightly less pressure and less duration than API 6D. API 6D is specifically for pipeline valves.

Does API 6D meet or exceed API 598?

API 6D exceeds API 598 in both pressure and duration.

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3c - 4d = 6d + 4c Subtract 4c from both sides: -c - 4d = 6d Add 4d to both sides: -c = 10d or c = - 10d

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More information needed as to which coin. There were 3d 6d 1/- 2/- 2/6 5/- silver coins.

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2(3d+7)=5+5d. 6d+14=5+5d 6d+9=5d 9=-1d d=-9 I think that's correct. If it is, ur welcome.

What is 6d movie?

It's when you're being filmed

What is UK 6D?

UK means United Kingdom

What is a Collapsed cave?

hi to all the people of 6D at Millikan

What is 6d 9e 10d 9e?

A collection of algebraic terms

What is d plus 3d plus 6d?

They can be simplified to 10d

What is the value of a1946 Ireland 6d Wolfhound Sixpence?

According to eBay, the value of a 1946 Ireland 6d Wolfhound Sizpense is $11.85 (USD). The actual value depends on the condition of the coin and finding the right buyer.

What is 3d plus 7 equals 6d plus 5?

3d+7=6d+5 The first thing would be to subtract 3d from both sides. You will end up with 7=6d-3d+5. Then subtract 5 from both sides. Now you have 7-5=6d-3d. Now you have the numbers with like terms on either side of the equation. 7-5=2 and you can subtract 3d from 6d because both 6 & 3 have d as their variable. So 6d-3d=3d. Now the equation is 2=3d. Now you have to divide both sides by 3. (Since 3d is also expressed as 3 x d, we need to do the opposite of multiplication which is division, in order to get the variable d by itself) So now you have 2/3=d, or d is two thirds.

What is the difference between API 6A and API 6D valves?

It's quite easy. API 6A speaks about wellhead and x-mas tree equipment, API 6D speaks about pipeline valves. If you are phisically looking to one valve, you can also understand if it belows to 6A or 6D giving a look to the valve label. On the label you can read the class of the valve. If the class is 2000 or 3000 or 5000 or 10000 or 15000 or 20000 the valve is 6A. If the class is 125 or 150 or 300 or 400 or 600 or 900 or 1500 or 2500 the valve probably is a 6D ("probably" because the same classes of API 6D are used also by other API standards, like 594, 600, 608, ecc ecc).

Where can you find a trigger guard for a Stevens model 87D 22 cal rifle?

updated answer: Stevens was owned by Savage Arms, and the Stevens model 87D is the same as the Savage model 6D (Stevens rifles were the lower cost siblings to the similar Savage models, usually with birch rather than walnut stocks, etc). The cast aluminum alloy trigger guard used by both versions of this rifle are still available (in Jan 2012) from Numrich (aka Gun Parts Corp) -- see: www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Products.aspx?catid=856 orignal answer: Try e-gunparts.com

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