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Q: Do you have citibank at general Santos city?
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General Santos city Philippines zip code?

The zip code for General Santos City is 9500.

What is the distance between Davao's and General Santos City?

General Santos City - Davao City, 117 km

How many kilometers from general Santos city to davao city?

How many hour drive from General Santos city to davao city

How far is Davao city to General Santos city in kilometers?

davao to general santos is 180 kilometers...or 80 miles


The SWIFT code for BDO General Santos City in the Philippines is BNORPHMMGEN.

What is the capital city of general Santos city?

General Santos is a city in South Cotabato Province, Philippines. Koronadal is the capital of the province of South Cotabato.

What is the swift code of BDO Pioneer Ave General Santos City?

Swift Bdo pioneer avenue general santos city code

What was the old name of the place general Santos city?

The old name of General Santos City was Dadiangas. It was named after the native B'laan chieftain Datu Bagani Dadiangas who ruled the area in the late 1800s. The city was renamed to General Santos City in 1968 in honor of General Paulino Santos, a pioneering settler and the builder of the region.

Who is the organizer of kalilangan and tuna festival here in general Santos city?

The local government of General Santos City, under Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr. He assigned the General Santos Tourism Association and the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the conduit agencies for the Kalilangan and Tuna Festivals, respectively. For more info, check out

How many hours does it take to travel from General Santos city to Davao city?

By road it takes about 3 hours to travel from General Santos City to Davao City but you get to see the beautiful scenery on the way.

What region is the general Santos city?

184 kms

How much will it cost for HRS 2 years course in general Santos city?

how much will it cost for HRS 2 years course in STI in general santos city