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Do you have to add a stepchild to your car insurance?

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If it is a licensed driver and in your household, then they should be added to your policy.

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Yes, you can add your grandson to your car insurance policy. Speak to your insurance broker.

Answer If you don't have your own car and you are going to be driving their car, yes they have to add you to their car insurance or you won't be covered..

yes ,you can add driver's name in your insurance policy.

You can purchase car liability insurance from the same company you get your regular car insurance from. If you are a new car insurance customer, ask your agent to add liability insurance to your plan.

I heard you do not have to add your 16 year old to your car insurance policy since he/she will only be driving your insured car. Is this true?

It is not automatically covered. You must call your insurance company and add the car to your policy.

You must either have a driver's license or be insured under a licensed driver's insurance. If you are a minor, your parents can add you to their car insurance.

You can budget your car insurance by changing the coverage that you have on your car. Liability only insurance, or your state minimum is going to be the cheapest insurance but doesn't provide much coverage. As you add coverage the price goes up.

YES. A driver can add anyone to his insurance, provided the new insuree has a valid license. Although the premium will change

They do it on your demand of coverage. Car rental companies dont add you insurance in car rental amount, Its just like you book flight ticket there is option of choosing insurance or not.

No, they can get their own car and insurance.But if you want them to drive your car, yes they must be added as an additional driver.

The purpose of car breakdown recovery insurance is to cover mechanical failures that are not covered by the warranty or insurance. These repairs can add up to be very expensive.

YES ... You can add whom ever you like but, your insurance will go up how far it will rise depends on the add driver diving record and what insurance carrier you have ...

Yes, as long as you add her as a regular driver on your insurance policy.

You may have to add their name to the title as co-owner.

Yes, If someone will be driving the car, it is recommended to add inform your insurance company and have them added to the policy.

Why would you need insurance if your car isn't going to be driven on public streets? Now... if you plan on preserving your car as a collectors item or the like... you can add it to your home insurance. Car insurance companies aren't going to insure a car that isn't being driven - if you have a collection at your home, it'll go under your home-owners insurance. ANC, esq.

Nationwide and State Farm provides great car insurance for young and new drivers. One may also add their son or daughter to their pre-existing car insurance provider.

It is my understanding that in most states an insurance policy is issued to the name which appears on the vehicle's registration.

motorcycle insurance = insurance for motorcycle car insurance = insurance for car

If you are on a tight budget the best plan to get would be liability only on your car. If you add collision to your insurance the price will go up considerably.

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