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What does a farmer do?

A farmer is a person that grows crops or breeds animals. They wakeup early and look after there stock and usually are up late atnight still looking after them. A farmer is a person that ownsstock or grows a vast amount of crops. Dairy farmers produce milketc. They usually own farms and have tractors ( Full Answer )

What does a cattle farmer do?

Since there are two types of "cattle farmers", and many different individual farmers/ranchers that run their farms/ranches the way they see fit, the basic responsibilities of a cattle producer are the following: - Feeding - Manure management (cleaning out corrals, spreading manure out on pastures/f ( Full Answer )

What does a pig farmer do?

A pig farmer breeds a bore hog to a sow, he then starts feeding the pigs to sell or slaughter. Hopefully he can make a profit!

What do farmers wear?

Farmer's, or producers/growers, typically wear anything that makes them comfortable and something that is easy to work in. As a producer myself, I typically will wear Carhartt jeans, a cut off tee shirt, and work boots from Ariat. When the winter comes, or its cool and rainy, sometimes a thermal s ( Full Answer )

What does a chicken farmers do?

Well a chcken farmer can do plenty of stuff with chickens: they can produce eggs, meat, feathers, and more chickens.

What are yeoman farmers?

The term 'yeoman' is associated with land, or degree of landownership, and may have its ancient roots in the early Anglo-Saxonrule of England or earlier. In ancient times the land was a strongindicator of social status and wealth, since the period known asthe Dark Ages, and terms like 'yeoman farmer ( Full Answer )

Who is Jim Farmer?

Answer: . Jim Farmer is probably one of the greatest martial artists, right up there with Bruce Lee. He does not fight in the UFC because he would decimate the competition.. He likes pineapples.. and coconuts.

What did mesopotamian farmers do?

the mesopotamian farmers loed their feilds, and milked cows, and collected eggs and some other things

What is a she-male?

Another word for a tranny, someone who appears to be a woman but in fact has a penis not a vagina.Also of having a vagina as well.

What do cocoa farmers do?

Cocoa farmers collect cocoa beans from the cocoa tree. Some of them are paid unfairly, but others are with a company called Fair trade, which treats cocoa farmers properly.

In cattle black coat is dominant to white coat color a farmer has a black male of undetermined genotype how can the farmer determine the genotype of the male?

One way to determine the male's genotype would be to breed him tofemales with a known genotype of Black-Black. If any resultantcalves were born with a white coat, you would then know that themale were Black-White. If calves were consistently black coated,you could be fairly certain he was also of th ( Full Answer )

What are tenent farmers?

Tenant farmers are farmers that rent land from another person for a period of time

How can you become a farmer?

well first you have to cook the beans. make sure they are garbanzo otherwise the whole thing will be laughed at. then, you must place them in a straw hat and let them sit. ship them to california, and you will start your career farming. unless, of course, you would like to be a corn farmer. this is ( Full Answer )

What do the farmers do in sumer?

Farmers grew Barley, Wheat, Flax, Duck, ecth, Summer squash, date palms, fruit seeds and veggies. They also made beer from grains. . VFH

Why do farmers harvest?

Farmers harvest produced because if the plant is left it will go to seed and the produced value will be, very much, reduced.

Who is a farmerer?

An individual who works or runs a farm or ranch is often referred to as a "farmerer." They are particularly farmers who grow corn and other produce rather than raising animals. An old urban legend states that these so called "farmerers" could only grow crops because when they used to have livestock ( Full Answer )

What does a poultry farmer do?

A poulltry farmer breeds chicks, and when the broiler birds are big he sells them to be sold again to the customer.

Why farmer are lethargic?

You might be wondering why they enjoy the slowness of their lives, which to me is the result of them doing something to help. They don't need the fast-paced life of cities because they aren't doing jobs that require them to race around.\n. \nI wouldn't say farmers are lethargic, though, because the ( Full Answer )

Why do you need farmers?

We need farmers to grow food for a growing human population. These farms need to raise a lot of crops and animals to feed way more than what will feed a farmer and his family. Farmers are the most knowledgable people when it comes to knowing how, where, when and what food needs to be grown for an in ( Full Answer )

What is the feminine of farmer?

There is feminine form of the word or job farmer. The tough work ofa farmer has no real gender.

Why do farmers neuter the males?

There are several reasons why a farmer would neuter their male cats: . Neutering a male cat is a cheaper and easier surgery than fixing a female. . Some farmers neuter the male themselves, especially farmers who do similar surgery on their hogs or other animals. Most won't "fix" females, as the s ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of farmers?

Their primary purpose is food production. Following very closely is fiber, fuel, and raw materials such as lumber.

Where does farmers live?

well farmers live on a farm with pasters of cattle such as horses and cows and bulls stuff like that

Where do farmers get seeds from?

Farmers get the majority of their seeds from crop breeders who specialize in producing seeds to grow the plants that farmers grow to sell their crops with. The seeds that farmers keep from the crop they sow often won't be suitable enough to grow again, especially with crop varieties like corn, wheat ( Full Answer )

How do you get your farmer to not walk?

When you log into your farmville farm your avatar is standing in a specific place everytime. Simply box in that space with either fencing or hay bails to prevent your character from walking around to plant and harvest your crops.

How did farmers respond to the farmers alliance?

Farmers formed cooperatives, interest groups, and political parties to protest their declining fortunes and to increase their political and economic power. The Farmers' Alliance was an organized agrarian economic movement amongst U.S. farmers that flourished in the 1880s. One of its goals was to end ( Full Answer )

What types of farmers are there?

There are the armchair farmers, drugstore farmers, hobby farmers, backseat farmers, hippy farmers, and finally, the real farmers.

Why are you male?

The sperm that reached the egg first and became you was carrying the chromosomes to make a male human.

What surnames do farmers have?

The proud and noble English surname of Acres was originallyutilized to describe a person who was "a dweller at the acre", or"the dweller at the plot of arable land". It is first found in theearly records of Cumberland county. The proud and noble English surname of Fields was originallyconferrred up ( Full Answer )

Who were farmers angry with and why?

The farmers were angry with the cattlemen because the cattlemen kept destroying the farmers fences. Then the cows would eat the farmers crops. If that does not satisfy you, then you will need to make your question much more specific.

What is a grass farmer?

A grass farmer grows grass, or they're known as sod farms. They grow grass or sod and harvest it and sell it to people to put in they're yards.

Are Ohioans farmers?

Well not all ohioans. Cleveland and Cinncinati are very urban so in those areas no. However roughly about 50 percent of ohio is still farmland (and I'd know this be living there for nearly 10 years) and so in a way yes there are many ohioans that are farmers. But don't go thinking all people from oh ( Full Answer )

Who is the richest farmer?

That would have to be a melon farmer( marijuana) and I think 50 cent or lil Wayne

Why is a male a male?

Male humans have a different genetic structure from females, consisting of an X and a Y chromosome, where females have two X chromosomes. The genetic difference accounts for various differences between the sexes: hormone production, brain construction, skin construction, pelvic shape, growth of faci ( Full Answer )

Were the Lakotas farmers?

they were farmers because they went out in the wild hunted thair own food, and then gave thar friend and family thair savings and kept on getting more.

Where can you be a wallaby farmer?

There are no wallaby farmers. Neither kangaroos nor wallabies arecurrently farmed in Australia for any commercial purpose. They canbe harvested, within set areas, with a special licence, but theyare not farmed.

Did the Inca have farmers?

Yes, the Incan did have farmers and are credited with having one of the most innovative farming methods and the most varied amounts of food grown amongst people in the pre-colonial age. Since the Incans lived in a largely mountainous area, their farming was much different than what would come to min ( Full Answer )

What is the noun for farmer?

The word "farmer" is a noun , a singular, common, concretenoun; a word for a person.

Is farmer an adjective?

No, farmer is a noun (a noun being defined as a person, place, or thing); an adjective describes or otherwise qualifies a noun

Why do farmers have cows?

There's many farmers in the world that don't have cows, but of course this depends on where you live. If you're in a second- or third-world country having a cow or a herd of cows is a sign of prosperity. Otherwise, cattle are great for meat, milk, draft work, and for keeping the grass down around th ( Full Answer )

Why a farmer is important?

Almost everyone eats food that is grown by farmers. Without farmers, most of the population of the world would starve.

Is for the farmer a noun?

The term 'for the farmer' is a prepositional phrase . The word 'for' is a preposition; the word 'the' is an article; the word 'farmer' is a noun, the object of the preposition.

When were farmers busiest?

Both ends of the harvest keep farmers busy. Planting has to be doneat a certain time. However, the harvesting time is perhaps thebusiest because the goods have to be picked, stored and transportedto market.