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No, you can have sex once and get pregnant sexually active only means that you do it on a regular basis like everyday or every other day meaning you do it more than the average couple or people who are in a relationship or not in a relationship. You can have sex ten times and get pregnant or twice or a million times it's based on when the eggs in ovulation when your body has a egg in waiting and you have sex and the sperm are strong you can be pregnant it doesn't really how many times you have sex.

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Q: Do you have to be sexually active to get pregnant?
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You feel sick and are late on your period could you be pregnant?

If you are sexually active you could be pregnant. Yes i am sexually active and have had unprotected sex on several occasions in past month

When are women the most sexually active?

when they are 5 months pregnant

Is it likely for a girl to get pregnant after her period?

Once a girl has her period, she is at a chance to get pregnant if she is sexually active.

Can a 53 year old get pregnant who has not had a period in 10 years n now active sexually?

Well...yes if You already started You period b4 and You r now sexually active then it is possible to get pregnant!

When a girl becomes sexually active is it common for her body to change as if she was pregnant?

You should not experience pregnancy symptoms just because you starting becoming sexually active.

If I shave my eyebrows of do you think I can get pregnant?

You can't get pregnant from shaving your eyebrows, but it won't prevent you from getting pregnant either if you are sexually active.

How late can a sexually active woman be on her period without being pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant before, during and after her period.

Could you be pregnant if you had spotting for 3 days and was 2 weeks ahead of your expected period?

If you are sexually active then you can be pregnant.

My period is late and i am sexually active should i be worried?

Yes unless you have no problem being pregnant

What does it mean when you get pinkish brown spotting and does it mean you could be pregnant?

Yes it means you could be pregnant if sexually active or you have a water infection.

Can you get pregnant since you dont have your appendix?

Yes, an appendix has nothing to do with fertility. If you are sexually active and not using birth control you can definitely get pregnant!

Can a 14 old get a 15 old pregnant?

anybody sexually active can get anybody else pregnant. not necessarily a good thing. especially in your case.

Could an eleven year old get pregnant?

Yes, many eleven year old girls are reproductively mature. If they are sexually active they can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you only wear the patch when you're sexually active?

Yes; for the patch to be effective, you have to use it daily.

My boyfriend pulled a prank on me how can I get him back?

If the two of you are sexually active, tell him you're pregnant, and watch him freak out.

Was Mozart sexually active?

Mozart was a sexually active man he had a PENIS!!!

Is it true that 14 year old girls can be pregnant?

Yes, any early teenage or pre-teen girl can get pregnant if she is menstruating and sexually active.

What does being sexually active mean?

sexually active means someone who has had sex.

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend is smoking mariuana?

If you are sexually active with him, certainly. If he's sitting on the other side of the room smoking, no.

Can you be pregnant if you have had no period only light brown discharge?

That depends. If you are sexually active you should buy a pregnancy detector.

How can you avoid getting pregnant while sexually active?

Use birth control, use condoms, don't have sex.

Which animal is the most sexually active?

The Bonobo chimpanzees are the reputed to be sexually active frequently.

Can a person get a STD even though their not sexually active?

No, a person will not get a STD if they are not sexually active.

What type of food can make you sexually active?

There are no foods that can make someone sexually active.

Was Albert Einstein sexually active?

Yes. In fact he was extremely active. He was by far the most sexually active scientist of his time.