Do you have to be very talented at guitar playing to play for a band?

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2007-08-28 13:13:13

That's a very subjective question. If you want to play in a

Dream Theater or Rush tribute band you have to be very talented


If you want to get together with some friends and play some

Blink 182 tunes you can literally get by knowing about 5 chords.

Or, if you're a bass player, about 5 notes.

The issue to avoid is agonizing over whether or not your band is

good enough to go out and play some shows. You don't really have

that many rights here in the land of the free, but one of them is

that you can go out and hustle a show for your band and it doesn't

matter if you aren't very good or are fantastic, your odds of

making a name for yourself locally or even regionally are about the

same. I've seen plenty of shows with my son's uber-metal band to

know that no matter how bad you are, you're probably get a fair

hearing with kids, especially if all the other bands are actually

worse than you!

So, my advice is to get your lessons while you are actually

working things out with a band. That way your instructor will know

where you are at, and you have somewhere to put his latest

teachings into practice. But get the teacher that gets it. If you

want to learn Yngwie Malmsteen riffs, you should probably find a

teacher who knows who Yngwie Malmsteen is, so do some music teacher

shopping around.

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