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Inkjet Printers and all printers use ink to function. While the printer may come with initial ink cartridges you may want to purchase the next set of ink you'll need before those go out completely.

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Do you still have to buy ink for your inkjet printer?

yes you will have to buy ink, you can find ink online or go to a computer store or normal super market and they should have ink there..........................

What is inkjet printer?

An ink jet printer refers to a printer in which the characters are formed by the minute jets of ink.

Will the NCR Universal Black Inkjet Refill Kit really work in any ink jet printer?

The NCR Universal Black Inkjet Refill Kit will refill the catridge in any inkjet printer.

What is a printer cartridge?

An ink cartridge or inkjet cartridge is a replaceable component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink that is deposited onto paper during printing.

Disadvantage of inkjet printer?

The biggest disadvantage of having an inkjet printer is price. It can be very expensive to replace ink cartridges in inkjet printers.

Where can I purchase Inkjet printer ink?

You can purchase ink for your inkjet printer at Amazon.com. They offer a wide variety of ink for nearly every printer ever made. Wal-Mart is another store that offer a great selection of ink cartridges.

Should I buy a laser or an ink-jet printer for printing photographs?

An inkjet printer wil be better for printing photographs.

What is inkjet printer cartridges?

Inkjet printer cartridges are small plastic containers filled with ink which, when used in conjunction with a printer, can spray ink on to paper or other materials for printing purposes.

How is a wireless inkjet printer different than a laser printer?

A wireless inkjet printer is different than a laser printer in that a inkjet printer uses ink to print on the paper and a laser printer photocopies it onto the paper.

Can an inkjet laser be replaced?

An inkjet printer can be replaced with new ink cartridges. As for a laser printer it doesn't require any ink since it uses static electricity to melt the powdered ink also known as toner. So you wont have to change the cartridge.

What is a inkjet printer?

A printer which creates text or an image on paper by shooting jets of ink.An ink jet printer is a kind of printer that heats up ink and sprays it on the paper.

What is the difference between a fax machine with an inkjet printer and one with a laser printer?

The difference is an inkjet will use actual ink to print,where as a laser printer does not.

What's the best inkjet printer cartridge?

The best ink cartridges are the ones that are made for the model of your printer. When you buy a new printer, it will usually list the ink cartridge type it needs on the box or inside the box in which the printer came in.

What is the cheapest inkjet printer?

All manufacturer's of inkjet printers brands have a cheap line of inktjet printers. A cheap printer usually costs between 45 dollars and 75 dollars. You will also get free ink cartridges with every printer you buy.

The price of printer cartridges varies by cost and number of uses. How do I get the best deal?

Generally speaking, if you can get by with an inkjet printer, buy one which uses ink cartriges that are refills. These are the lowest cost ink cartridges.

The description of a inkjet printer?

A printer which creates text or an image on paper by shooting jets of ink.

What type of HP cartridges can you buy online?

You can buy a wide variety of HP cartridges online, whether you're looking for computer printer ink, inkjet ink, laser printer ink, or toner for other devices such as xerox machines. The cartridges come in all different colors.

What does a printer consumables include?

Paper, toner if laser, ink if inkjet, inked ribbon if an impact printer.

What is ink jet printers used for?

As with any printer, an inkjet is used to print characters/graphics on to paper or acetate film.

Where can I buy new inkjet cartridges for my printer?

You could always refill the ink for much less, but if your cartridges are broken, you could go to any office supply or electronics store. You could call up the manufacturer of your printer as well.

How to Find Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges?

Where can you find inkjet printer ink cartridges in a rural area? Your best option for locating these types of products for your computer printer may be to go on the World Wide Web and see what kind of prices there are on ink cartridges for your printer. With shipping, you might pay the same amount that other people pay in stores for these items.

When cleaning a printer to prevent the inkjet nozzles from drying out don't leave the ink cartridges out of?

Don't leave ink out of your inkjet printer's "cradles" longer than 30 minutes.

Get the Best Office Machine for Your Printing Needs?

Long gone are the days when an inkjet printer suffices for the printing needs of a business. An inkjet printer can be a tremendous cost for any business. One is constantly buying ink to refill cartridges in an inkjet printer. Instead of falling into the trap of purchasing this type of printer, a business should consider investing in a laser printer. A laser printer allows any business to print out hundreds of documents in a day without the need for additional ink cartridges. A laser printer only requires a laser cartridge that ultimately can last for a few months of printing documents.

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