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Do you have to do traffic school for an illegal 'U' turn?


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Since it is a moving violation, and your desire to have the points removed from your driving record, then traffic school is the way to go. Otherwise, that violation will stick on your permanent driving record for 39 months.

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cost of a traffic ticket for illegal u-turn in Cerritos, California

A U-Turn IS ILLEGAL on a one-way street. If you made a U-Turn you'd be going against the flow of traffic!

I recently got a ticket in Van Nuys area for illegal u-turn in business district VC 22102, the bail amount itself was $212, and $276 with traffic school.

A U-Turn IS ILLEGAL on a one-way street. If you made a U-Turn you'd be going against the flow of traffic!

No. It is illegal to make a U-turn at any intersection that has a traffic signal, regardless of what color the light is. Traffic laws are set by each state, but this is true in all states.

It is legal to make a u turn in front of a school as long as there are no cars or children crossing

Yup, and it's a one point ticket. An illegla u-turn is a moving violation because you were moving at the time of the incident. If permitted, go to traffic school and get it dismissed.

Because if there are no U turns then how are people supposed to turn if there is no round about? But it is Illegal to do a U turn on double lines (It's called a 'U' turn BTW)

A ticket can be up to $50,000 when making an illegal u-turn.

How much is the ticket for an illegal u-turn in orange county ca.

If you are all alone on a really empty road. Sometimes also when you are in a city, but watch out for signs that says that you can't. If there is a possibiity to avoid having to do a U-turn, don't take a U-turn. It can be disturbing for the traffic, and it is illegal in many cities/places.Additional: This type of prohibition is usually set by local traffic codes and any answer given here will not be universally applicable. You will have to check the laws of your local jurisdiction.

prevents unsafe turns back into oncoming traffic. obey the law, dont do a u-turn when no u-turn posted.

Person does not have an unobstructed view of traffic in both direction for a distance of 200 ft

Executing a U-turn is illegal if you cannot see for at least how manyfeet in both directions

It is important to follow the rules of the road for everyone safety. An Illegal U-turn in Ohio can cost up to $80 depending on the fees and taxes.

In Dallas, the current fine is $194.00

A U-Turn is illegal in some cities and legal in others. So it depends on what city you are in.

You can only drive in one direction on a one way road, therefore performing a u-turn and driving in the opposite direction is illegal.

The driver is always responsible for the handling of the vehicle. Doesn't matter if it's a human navigator or a machine giving bad advice, the driver has to make sure it's OK. The GPS can't know if the street layout has been changed since its maps were uploaded and is not a valid excuse.You're hearing it wrong: "Make a legal u-turn" sounds very similar to "Make illegal u-turn".Apart from that no company would dare sell stuff advising people to commit traffic violations, the key is in the grammar. "Make illegal u-turn" is poor grammar, and a company wouldn't release such a flawed product either.Now, if you had a GPS which said "make an illegal u-turn", then you might be onto something.

no u cannot it is illegal...

It would vary with each State, City, Town, County, etc.

As long as their is no traffic and the conditions are safe.

Yes, as long as no traffic is coming.

Yes, unless you've figured out how to make a U-turn without moving your car.

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