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Almost without exception money earned through employment (and not deferred in some type of an approved program like a 401K or such), profits realized, etc. are reportable as income in the period they were received or were receivable even if the actual check is sent or deposited later). You do not need to work for any particular minimum length of time in the period, nor is there is as election as to when you may report them. If your paid from a business entity or employer (rather than from your own business), this will normally correspond to the year identified on the W-2 or 1099 you receive (and the IRS receives) for those earnings. IRS TAX TIP 2007-02 You must file a tax return if your income is above a certain level. The amount varies depending on filing status, age and the type of income you receive. For example, a married couple under age 65 generally is not required to file until their joint income reaches $16,900. However self-employed individuals generally must file a tax return if their net income from self employment exceeds $400. Check the

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Can you do your income tax if you worked for four days in the year?

Sure you can file your income tax return.

Can you file taxes if are pregnant and have not worked?

with no income what would you be filing taxes on

Can you file head of household at seventeen have a child?

Yes, but unless you worked during the year it probably won't make much difference. If your parent worked, they can claim you and your child and get earned income credit.

Do you have to file a state income tax if you only worked in that state for 2 months then moved to a state that has no state tax?

Yes you will have to file the return. Shat you do is file a Part-Year Resident return. You will list the dates you lived in the State on the tax return.

How do you file taxes if you worked for cash?

You report the income as earned income...and very possibly consider yourself as running your own business, so file a schedule C too.

Can you file a tax return if you only worked 3 months?

You can definitely file a tax return if you only worked 3 months. If you made enough to meet the minimum threshold for filing, you should do so each year.

How many months do you have to be employed to file income taxes?

It's not time, it's amount. Over 3k and you must file.

You worked in another state and paid taxes in the state you worked in do you still need to file in Alabama?

You file in each State of residence...and any you make money in. The income is divided between them all.

How long do you have to work to file income tax?

Any income is taxable, regardless of how long or how much you worked - you are txed from the minute you start getting paid for it.

Can you claim your lousianna income tax here in Michigan? have to go to the state you worked and file taxes and you cant file taxes in two states its illegal

Do college students need to file income tax?

Yes, college students need to file income tax if they have some manner of income during the year, such as from a part-time or summer job.

Can you file bankruptcy with income coming in?

Yes, you can file with an income coming in, which chapter of bankruptcy you file depends on your income

How much do you have to make to file earned income credit on your taxes?

From $1 to $50 of qualified earned income that you worked for. Go to and use the search box for EITC

If half of the year you were employed and now you are receiving ssi income how will you file for income tax?

Normally. It makes no difference how or when during the year the income was made.

Can you file your income tax if you only worked 6 months?

Yes, and even more so if you filed a W-2 form, for employment. You may have paid taxes, that would give you a refund. Even a teen that has mowed lawns should file a tax return.... You may be entitled to a refund.

Do you have to pay Massachusetts income tax if you live in New Hampshire?

If you worked in Massachusetts, you may be required to file a non-resident return in Massachusetts because your income may be sourced there.

File taxes didn't work the previous year?

Whether you need to file taxes does not depend on whether you worked. It depends on whether you had income. Unemployment compensation, pensions, interest, dividends, rents, royalties, investment income are all types of income that needs to be reported on a tax return.

Last year 2008 we gave 20000 to my son as a gift for his education and we claimed in our income tax form he worked part time and he is going to file income tax form so should he claim as a income?


What are the requirements to e file your federal income taxes for free?

Your income must be 58000 or less to file your federal income taxes for free. If your income is higher then you cannot file them for free from e-file.

Do I Filling annual tax filling form?

If you worked then you need to file an income tax return. If you have a business then you will also need to file a tax return in order to remain compliant.

Do you have to file a tax return in multiple states?

If you lived or worked in multiple states or had other sources of income in multiple states, yes.

Can managers file taxes?

Sure. If you have income, you are required to file income taxes.

Do you have to file taxes if you only worked two months at one business?

If you earned income, you should fill out the forms and see. There are some minimum levels, but chances are that taxes were withheld and reported to the IRS. If they don't get a tax form, they may come to find out why not.

Can you file income particle income tax?

Can you file a partical income tax and how many years you have too apply

Can you file even if you had no earned income?

Yes. You have to pay taxes on both earned and unearned income. In tax language "earned income" means income from a job or self-employment. "Unearned income" is other income such as interest on your bank accounts or profits from investments. A sufficient amount of earned or unearned income requires you to file. Even if you do not have enough income to be required to file, you can still file. If you really want, you can even file if you have no income of any kind.