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you should atleast give them a bath 1 or 2 times a month

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2011-08-03 20:27:30
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Q: Do you have to give a bearded dragon a bath?
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What to do with a constipated bearded dragon?

Give your Bearded Dragon a warm bath to clear its system.

Why will your bearded dragon not poo?

Have you given it enough water? I recommend you give it a bath twice every week.

What will happen if you feed your bearded dragon maggots?

They could probably give your bearded dragon parasites and kill it.

Can you give a bearded dragon fruit?


Do you have to feed the crickets for your bearded dragon?

Not necessarily but I would recommend it It helps give you're Bearded Dragon proper nutrients.

How can you tell if your bearded dragon has mites?

you can usualy recognize mites as brown lumpy dots mites usualy appear in your bearded dragons enclosure, if your bearded dragon does have mites make sure to give it a bath and use a tinny bit of soap if you want to but mites can still survive a long bath so make sure you have your beardy-bearded dragon cheeked by a vet, also make sure you treat the enclosure for mites because there might be more than one and they could lay egs:(

How long can a bearded dragon live with out water?

What do you mean? Bearded dragons should have a bath twice every week, as they do not drink water. I really don't think it's a good idea not giving a bearded dragon water.

Is one sign of a Bearded Dragon being sick that it will not use its back legs?

It's probably very constipated. Give it a bit of diluted sports drink and a bath.

What is a bearded dragon's primary food?

You should give bearded dragons bugs, I'm not sure if they can have small mice or not.

What is smarter a tree frog or a bearded dragon?

a bearded dragon

Can you give two bearded dragons a bath at the same time?

If the bearded dragons are the same sex and have grown up together yes, if not no.

What is the scientific name for a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are in the family pogona but the most common bearded dragon in captivity worldwide is the Central Bearded Dragon; pogona vitticeps.

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