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no! you don't even HAVE to have a degree to get into a pharmacy program. All you need to do is compete the prerequisites that your school of interest requires and then take the PCAT and apply to pharmacy schools. Pre med has nothing to do with pharmacy.

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No you do not. Typically, the PhD is not a medical degree. However, it is possible to take a PhD in a health related field as well as other fields. Pre-med is particular to individuals who wish to become a physician.

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Q: Do you have to go to pre-med in order to get your Ph.D?
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What kind of PHD does a marine biologist have to have?

A PhD is not necessarily required in order to be a marine biologist.

Usually what are the comulative GPA requirements in order to continue PHD especially in the US?

A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is the requirement in order to continue PHD especially in the US.

Is Rutgers university good for premed?

Yes, Rutgers University is good for premed. To get into Rutgers, one will need to apply at the admissions office.

What are the steps to becoming an equine vet?

You would have to go and undergraduate school with premed or biology classes, then go to veterinary school and specialize in equine medicine.

How do you get a bachelor of medicine?

You would need to major in premed.

Does Ph.D go on a salutation of Dr and Mrs?

When using Dr xxxx, the PHD may or may not be used in speaking, in a situation where medical doctors and PHD's would make it unclear the PHD should be used the first time. In written form the Phd is proper when the Dr is used. Mrs does not normally have the Phd appended.

How many years to you go to college to be a medical doctor?

Typically, there are four premed years followed by four medical school years for a total of eight years.

Is it possible to take an Msc degree from TIFR in the integrated phd and then go somewhere else for phd?

A person is able to transfer to another college to obtain a phd if they have attended TIFR. Many colleges will accept the courses taken here as transfer credits for their phd program.

Are there ethical legal or other potential problems with leaving a PhD program after being awarded an MA in order to apply for a PhD at a better school?

no, people do it all the time

Should one definitely be premed if they want to go into public health or is studying public health at an undergrad level and taking some sciencemath good enough if your major is in the liberal arts?

I guess the real answer is it depends what you want to do in public health. No, you do not need to take the premed track if you would like to be a public health professional. In fact, you do not need any of the premed science requirements to get in to most MPH programs. Figure out what in public health you would like to do first (epidemiology, global health, health promotion, health policy, etc).

How much will it cost to go to PreMed?

Depends if you go to a public or private school. You're basicly just getting a degree for a better chance of getting into med school. I go to a public university and at sophmore level I'm about $20k in debt.

Word equations for sodium and iodine?

Sup noOb, go goOgle it or sumthing, i ain't a PhD Scientist!! - SDFP :P Sup noOb, go goOgle it or sumthing, i ain't a PhD Scientist!! - SDFP :P