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in that case. you really don't have to get GED because there is allots of people really don't care about it and they don't even give a care. There are allots of university that asks for GED so in both ways you need to have it or not have it.

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Q: Do you have to have a GED to go to Cosmo School?
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Can you go to beauty school without a GED?

Some beauty schools may accept students without a GED, but many require a high school diploma or equivalent. It's best to check with individual schools to see their specific requirements.

Can you get your high school diploma at 37?

no It depends if you dropped out of high school. If you did, then go on the internet or to the library and ask people where can I go get my GED. A GED is similar to the high school diploma

If you have a GED will you be able to go to school to be a nurse?


Can you go Back to high school after GED?


Can you go to culinary arts school with a GED?

Yes. Most Culinary arts schools require you to have a High school diploma or equivalent such as a GED.

How can I get a high school diploma?

Getting a GED is the only way to get a diploma after you are 21. If you are interested in getting a GED, contact your local education department to see when they offer GED courses, and how you can take the GED test.

Can you use a GED to go to paramedic school?

Yes. Get GED & then become an EMT. After 2000 hrs as an emt you can qualify for paramedic.

What nicknames does Cosmo Jarvis go by?

Cosmo Jarvis goes by Cosmo Jarvis.

Can you go to university with a GED?

Yes, in most cases, the GED is treated with the same level as a high school diploma.

Can you go to uti with out a high school diploma?

no, you DO need a high diploma or GED to go to UTI.

I didn't finish school can i still join collage?

You need high school equivalency. Go for your GED.

Can you go to tech school with a GED?

Yes, in fact they will ask for a copy of your results.