Do you have to have life insurance?

Answer 1
Yes i have life insurance that can pay well to my family after my death. At least, they will not depend on some one else. If i will alive that time i would like to convert it as my pension to secure my further future. Life is so insecure, if something happen to you at least that amount will help your family to live better. Else, you can get the information on Life insurance and about their plan: Rais Insurance.

Answer 2
While I would recommend life insurance in order to better protect your loved ones financially after your death (or at minimum pay for your funeral expenses), I am not aware of any legal requirement to have life insurance in any district or any country. (There is a possibility that such a requirement may exist in some esoteric jurisdiction, but it is certainly not common.) So, you do not "have to have life insurance", but, if you are a wage-earner in the family, you should have life insurance.