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No, you don't. Few of the Disney Channel stars were rich or famous before starring on their shows. Miley Cyrus is an exception since her father was already well-known and wealthy.

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How can you become a star on disneychannel?

Find Disney channel auditions on google.

Do you need to have credit card to become a disney channel star?

no you don't

How do you become an Disney channel staR?

you send in an audition tape to the creators and directors of a new upcoming show.and become a star

How can you become a Disney channel star if you live in mauritius and become famous in America?

but how! can u help me??

What Disney channel star gets the most money?

Miley Cyrus gets the most money

Who is a star or singer on Disney channel?

A Disney Channel Star is a person who acts and sings on Disney Channel a lot, such as Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez.

How do you get to be a player on the Disney channel games?

Uh, you have to be a famous Disney Channel star...

How do you try out to be a pop-star on Disney channel?

you can try to send a letter to a Disney channel star and ask them if you can

What is the younest Disney channel star?

The youngest disney channel star is mia (charle) from GOOD LUCK CHARLIE

Is Miley Cyrus the richest Disney channel star?

no , miley Cyrus is NOT the richest Disney channel star. Because she is NOT a singer and a actress

How did briteny spears become famous?

She was a Disney Channel star as a child and she went on star search, which is another type of American Juniors.

What yaer did the Jonas brothers star on Disney channel?

They starred in Disney Channel in 2006 or 2007

Who is the Disney star of the month in October?

Briley Zimmerman is the Disney channel star of the Month in October

What is the youngest Disney channel stars nude?

The youngest nude Disney channel star is Miley Cyrus :)

What is Disney channel star is Jewish?

All of them

Is there a Puerto Rican Disney channel star?


Which Disney channel star is 15 years old?

Even though I'm not in Disney channel I'm 15

Is there a Pearson in Disney channel 8 years old?

can a 8 year old can be star on disney channel movies

How can i become a Disney channel star like be on tv have your my own show?

try out You have to have an agent and have to contact Disney and give them info on you... But you wont get your own show but maybe you will

Is Selena goMEZ A STAR?

Yes. She is known as a Disney Channel star.

Who is the most liked Disney channel star?

Probably the most liked Disney channel star that's a boy is Joe Jonas. The most liked Disney channel star that's a girl is probably either Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. Hope this helps! XD

Who is the oldest Disney channel star?

adina devor

Who is your favorite Disney channel star?

Miley Cyrus

Who is the riches Disney channel star?

Miley Cyrus

Who is the tallest female star on Disney Channel?