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  • If your husband's girlfriend is mature and responsible and your children like her then there is no reason the children can't be left with her. If you don't feel she is responsible to look after them or the children don't like her then have your husband return the children to you if he has to leave their residence.
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Q: Do you have to leave your child with her fathers girlfriend if he has plans during his visitation time?
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The girlfriend of your child's father is threatning you what can you do?

This is a touchy issue. I am assuming that the child's father has visitation rights to the child. If that is the case, and the threats are physical in nature, a restraining order might be the answer. This would protect both you and the child from being in the same place at the same time as the girlfriend In other words, she could not be present during visitation thus avoiding a conflict with you or the child.

What is an 18 year old fathers rights to his newborn child?

His rights are to pay child support and petition for visitation.

Can the Fathers girlfriend spank the child?

NO. And if he does, call the police.

What are visitation rights for fathers who does not pay child support?

Whatever he obtains from the courts. The two are not connected.

What are an unwed fathers rights to his child?

Until paternity is established the birth mother is considered to hold sole custody of a minor child. For a father to have custodial or visitation rights it must be agreed on by the mother of the child or through the prescribed court procedures by means of a lawsuit.

How hard would it be for a fathers visitation rights to be taken away if he smokes marijuana while the child is in his custody?

Why take it away? That is just as damaging. Request supervised visitation.

Can your spouse deny visitation if you have a new girlfriend?

Spouse? Don't you mean your ex? She can not deny visitation unless the child would be in danger of some kind. If the visitation order needs to be changed it can only be done in court and she would have to have good reasons why she denied it. Not liking the ex's new girlfrind is not a reason to deny visitation. This will happen to her too and it's called moving on with life. Ex:) If the dad has visitation rights and a new girlfriend and the custodial parent, the mother, does not approve of the child meeting the new girlfriend, she has no right to dictate to the father who the child sees during visitation. That is entirely up to the father. Unless the girlfriend is unfit to be around the child. That is something the mother would have to prove in court if she wants to prevent them from meeting. This of course also works the other way. The non-custodial parent can not dictate to the custodial parent who the child meets when with her.

Can you keep your son from visiting his father because you do not like his fathers new girlfriend even though there is nothing in the visitation schedule saying I have a right to do so?

I think I understand your question, but it's not asked very clearly. It's a little confusing. If I'm answering this wrong, then you need to re-ask and be more specific. As in "Can the mother of my child keep me from seeing the child just because she doesn't like my new girlfriend, even though there is nothing in the visition schedule saying she has a right to make that call?" No, you cannot keep your child from visiting with their father just because you don't like his girlfriend. She would have to take you to court and prove to the judge that the girlfriend is a danger to the child, then the judge would have to say the girlfriend can not be around the child. Then if she found out the girlfriend was still there when the child is visiting you, she could do something about it. Other than that, she have no legal right to keep the child from you. In fact, you could take her to court for violating the terms of the visitation.

Can a father be forced to pay child support during summer visitation with him?


Can your ex husband get visitation of your child if he 18 and still in high school?

Yes, if court ordered, or do you believe the child should be taught to dishonor the court, and to believe fathers are unnecessary?

What legal rights does an underage father have if the underage girlfriend is not allowing him visitation or any rights to the child?

see related question

Can a mother of a child in Florida leave the state legally without the fathers permission even though they were never married or had their regular visitation schedule recorded with the courts?

If a visitation schedule is recorded, you would be required to return the child to the area in order for him to exercise his access rights.