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Do you have to pay a medical bill from 10 years ago if you were just contacted about it?

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Generaly no. The laws differ in various states according to the statute of limitations. In California the limit is four years for a written contract (auto loan, credit card, medical bill, etc), and generally one or two years for a verbal contract. The collecting party cannot belemish your credit with any debt older than seven years in any state.

2006-09-28 19:54:09
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Do you have to pay an outstanding bill after 8 years if they have only just contacted you?

Yes, you do.

I have not lived with my spouse for over 7 years and have had no contact with him. I just got a call informing me he is in intensive care. Am I responsible for the medical bill?

If there was no legal divorce or separation, you may be responsible for the medical bills.

I had a medical bill 9 yrs ago and a debt collector is just now trying to collect again do i still owe the bill?

Yes you still owe the bill. The only way you would not owe is if you declared bankruptcy and then it would be off your credit report in seven years. Your best bet is to just pay it, or the bill collectors can harass you for the rest of your life!!!!

Do you have to pay a mobile phone bill from 10 years ago if they have only just contacted you?

No you do not. Even the I.R.S. has to back off after 7 years. As long as no court charges are pending which can reset the time limit which had to filed within the 7 years. Double check with your states Attorney Generals office for any conflicting state laws.

Do you have to pay a dead spouse's medical bills in Missouri?

No, just leave the bill and run...

What are the Statutes of limitations electric bill in oh. i just found i am being charged 344 for a bill over 20 years old.?

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What is the time limit for a bill that is 6 years old and just received it?

If a bill is six years old and you are just now getting it, it is likely that it has already gone to a collection agency. It has likely been reported on your credit, and you would probably just suffer in paying it.

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Can a chiropractic office bill my insurance directly?

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Should you have to pay an outstanding bill from ten years ago if they have just contacted you about it?

If you owe someone money, the time since you began owing it is irrelevant. If anything, they may top the debt up with late fees and interests. Your best advice is to pay them now, provided the debt is legal and not already paid or otherwise dealt with.

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Is there a time limit to collect on medical bills in Utah?

There's really no such thing as a time limit. If you don't pay your bill you will still owe it, you just can't be sued after a certain period of time. The statute of limitations on a written contract or promissory note in Utah is 6 years.