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Not typically. They get their money when you get a job/gig. They usually have a contract that you sign which says they will take a percentage of the money you will get from your gig.

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Q: Do you have to pay an agent before they land you an acting gig?
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== == Do you have an agent? Are you a member of a actor's union, like actors equity, or ACTRA? NO then you don't have a chance. Have you had any actual training to be an actor? It is NOT something that people just fall into. They train for YEARS before they get any work.

Do you need an acting agent if you want to audition for a voice over gig?

No, you do not need an agent. Oftentimes you cannot get an agent if you don't have any work to show first. So, get some work on your own and then look for an agent. Even if you have to do some freebies.

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