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Yes. Being in jail does not get you out of paying child support. You will owe and pay when you get out.

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Q: Do you have to pay back child support if he was born while incarcerated?
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Does a felon owe back child support while incarcerated?


How long can you be incarcerated for back child support?

A Georgia man served a year for not paying child support on a child not his. see links

What can you do to get your back child support droped do to being incarcerated in Indiana?

You need to get a modification filed. see link below

Is the noncustodial parent of a juvenile who has been incarcerated responsible to the custodial parent for child support during that period of time?

i am a custodial parent in Michigan. I've been to court to fight it, but unfortunately it is law that if the noncustodial parent is incarcerated they do not owe child support for the time that they are locked up. but if they owe back child support then you can seize anything they own.

Can you stop back child support when the child is now an adult?

No, it is still owed with interest. The back child support was supposed to be paid while the child was growing up. Check your state laws.

What happens to child support and back child support when a child dies?

Back support still has to be paid

If a parent never paid child support while the child was a minor is the child entitled to any back child support now that the child is an adult?

yes dead beat.

Do you have to pay back child support if your child is grown?

age of child does not matter when comes to back support

Is it legal for me to settle for lump sum child support Do we need a court hearing This is for back child support our child has left home and married The father paid support while she small?

The courts must approve any waiver or settlement of back child support. This is because, strictly speaking, the money is for the child, not you.

Does incarceration negate Social Security Disability Pension?

While you are incarcerated yes, but most can generally gain this back once they are not incarcerated.

Can child support take money from your back acct to pay back child support?


Do you still pay back child support when the child turns 18?

If there was an order for child support arrears accumulated while the child was a minor, then this must be paid in accordance with the order. If the support had been paid on time while the child was still at home or in school full time, then there would be no arrears to be paid.

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