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Not usually, but there are some cases in which you might.

1. Some states require the non-custodial parent to continue to pay child support if the child hasn't graduated high school and is still living with the custodial parent.

2. If the child is disabled, there is no cut off age for ending child support. The non-custodial parent will continue to owe child support for as long as the disabled child lives with the custodial parent.

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yes you do you need to pay child support till the child has turned 21 :D

In some states the courts can prolong it to age 21-24 if the child is in college but not otherwise.

It depends on the state. In most states, child support ends by the age of 21 (more often 18).

Typically, child support is not affected by the age of the child.

I heard that once they turn 21 you no longer have to pay child support.unless they make you pay child support as long as they are in school.

Only if the child has a significant disability.

Each state is different, there is a possibility that child support would have to be paid until the child is 24 as long as the child is in college. Some states it is 21.

Child support in Ohio usually continues until the child is 18, and up to the age of 21 if the child is in school. Whether or not you have to pay child support if the child is living with the noncustodial parent depends on the support order that it is in place Typically you can expect that you will have to expect to pay support.

If the 18 yr old child is in school, you pay until the child is 21. see related link

Depends. Legal age of emancipation, for child support purposes, is 21 in MS. Meaning that you are obligated to pay child support until the child reaches 21. Exceptions do apply such as, the child getting married or moving out on his/her own, not maintaining a full time student status or joins the military full time before the age of 21, then child support, by order of the courts, can possibly be stopped.

It varies by state. Example: In NY, you must pay child support until the child is 21 (unless the child becomes emancipated...and that's usually hard to prove anyway). In Texas, child support is paid until the child is 18. In Pennsylvania, you also pay until the child is 18 UNLESS they are a full time student in college (in which case you have to pay until they're 21). I have always tried to do my best to support my children financially ( and yes, i do pay child support). And I will ALWAYS try to help them regardless of what age they are. However, for the state to have a law that a parent should pay until the child is 21....i think that is B.S.!!! They can go to college, go in the military, get a job, smoke, get a tattoo, vote, have sex....all these things but they still make a parent pay child support until 21?? I don't agree with it.

Child support arrears do not go away. They must be paid even after the child reached the age of majority and the child support order is no longer in effect.

Usually an order lasts until a child is 18 years of age. However, you may be ordered to pay child support until the child finishes school or turns 21, whichever happens first.

Yes, you have to pay until they are 18yo. In some states the child support can be prolonged until the child is 21-24 when they are in college.

21 in Missouri, 18 in most other states.

Very unlikely, unless the child is severely handicapped.

Yes as long as your under 20 its the law you have to until you turn 21 or you already support yourself as in moved out and not living with your mother or father.

I think that in most states child support stops when the child reaches 18 yrs. old UNLESS they are a full time student OR there is still a balance on past due child support.

Absolutely. In some states is until the child is 21, in others, until the child graduates.

If the order specifically says that support runs through age 21, contact your State's child support agency. Be patient but persistent. Good luck!

Yes, until the age when support stops, which can be up to age 21. see links below

It depends on what you settled on in court. In most cases, the child is 18 before you can stop paying support. In other cases, you may have to pay half of school costs until the child reaches 21 years of age.

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