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yea or have a gift card because im a member

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โˆ™ 2010-01-20 02:16:11
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Q: Do you have to pay for Club Penguin Membership?
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How can you get a membership in Club Penguin?

You have to pay to get membership on the site

What store sells club penguin membership cards?

they dont sell club penguin membership, you have to PAY for membership and its not free.

Can you pay cash for membership on club penguin?

Yes, when you buy a Club Penguin membership at a retailer like Target, you can pay cash.

Club Penguin how do you get your membership for ever?

no because you gonna have to pay or maybe work for club penguin

Do you have to pay to play club penguin?

no you do not have to pay exept membership if you want it but a membership at local stores

Is it true that another Club Penguin player will give you a free Club Penguin membership?

No, you have to buy a Club Penguin Membership card at Toys R Us, or another place. Or, you have to pay for your membership on Club Penguin with your parent's banking card.

How much is club penguin?

CP is free but you pay to get a membership

How do you pay club penguin membership?

with a credit card number

Do you get free club penguin membership when you reach the age of 183?

No. You must pay for a MemberShip. If you hack a membership your penguin will get banned forever.

Where do you pay for Club Penguin?

club penguin is free mulityplayer online game and its free if you mean how to be a member click membership in club penguin

Why cant you use debit card on club penguin membership?

It is because debit cards are for minors and Club penguin needs an adult to pay for the membership.

How do you be a member on club penguin?

You have to buy a membership card or pay online.

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