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Do you have to pay for a car that you gave back to the creditor if you get deployed?


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2015-07-15 21:24:53
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good answer to check with the legal officer. the SSRA provides for max 6% interest while deployed. this depends on when you signed the contract,ect.


Have your unit legal officer check the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act. The debt will not be forgiven, but it MAY be delayed without interest for the duration of your deployment.


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Not really. if they gave the car back, well ok, if they kept the car you have investment in the car that you can use on your side. They are probably showing you who's the boss. Be nice to them and work with them.

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If it is too difficult to maintain payments on a car loan, it is possible to voluntarily give it back to the creditor or dealership. In some states, however, a creditor can sue for the remaining balance owed on the loan.

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Question is not clear -however- - a creditor on some other debt cannot legally seuze your car in paymnet of HIS loan. The reason being - you do not actually own the car. It is owned by the creditor who holds the car loan. If this is what happened to you - notify the police and your car creditor immediately!

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Yes but then no, you can' get your car back. It actually depends on if you buy it or if you gave your car to a friend. You most likely can't get your car back if you take it to a shop can have them fix it up then sell it. This is your answer to the question, "Can you get your car back?"

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Yes, its SO wrong. Same thing happened to me and the day I was to wire them the funds, they repoed my car. So, I got an attorney, filed bankruptcy and they gave me my car back. Now, they will get 1/2 of what we agreed on. Idiots.

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