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Do you have to pay for windows live?


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Yes, they charge you $0.50 off your credit card! I don't know why, but they do.

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No. Windows Live messenger is a free software.

as far as I am aware you do not have to pay for windows live messenger on your phone but you will have to pay for data if you go over your allowance.

No, but you can get Windows Live Mail for Windows XP in Windows Live Essentials for XP.

Windows XP business software is a very famous software and is used by many people. People can expect to pay different prices for Windows XP business software. It will depend on where they live and if it has a discount or not.

Yes,you can run Windows Live Messenger for Windows XP on Windows 7. And all of the other Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP work on Windows 7 without any problems. So you can install and run all of the Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You can get Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP from the Microsoft website.

Hotmail has just had its name changed to Windows Live.

Yes you can, Windows live is not part of Windows itself. For example Windows xp home addition has nothing to do with Windows live messenger. You can safely remove it without worrying about it affecting windows.

Nope, it should be already stored onto your computer. If not, you can download it for free :D

How do I answer a call to my PC. I have windows live.

Do you mean a Windows Live ID?

Windows Live Essentials was created in 2006.

do black windows live in SD

If you are running Windows on a Mac then you can use the Windows Live software. If you do not have Windows on your Mac you can use a Windows live HotMAil account or use Messenger for chat. (See links below)

You can download Windows Live Messenger for free at softonic. Softonic provides all sorts of free downloads for windows include the Windows Live Messenger.

Yes, Windows Live Messenger 2009 is XP, Vista and 7 compatible.

i need help paying to replace my windows a grant to pay for windows in my home

Yes, Windows Live Messenger is a free program.

He doesn't have windows live messenger

how do you unblock windows live messenger from your firewall?

Optimal Extension team has released the new Email Client API suite, which allows developers to create custom Windows Live Mail plug-ins.It works with Windows Live Mail 2011 on Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail XP on Windows XP or Vista, as well as Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

You can get a worm through windows live messenger

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