Do you have to pay taxes by deadline if your getting a refund?

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Not when you are due a refund you can file the 2009 tax year income tax return at any time within the next 3 years to claim any refund amount that you are due.
After April 15, 2013 any refund that you may have been due will be lost and no longer available to you.
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If back child support is owed but you are paying on it and you are getting an IRS tax refund Do you get the refund or is it used to pay on your child support?

I actually pay child support to my son's father (all for the sake of a better schooling system) and my tax refund is always taken , as a matter of fact, anything in the form

Why do you have to pay tax on your refund?

Simply because it is considered as "income" ... all income must be reported to the IRS. If your refund is consistently high and you desire not to have to keep paying taxes o

Do you pay taxes on refunds?

In the U.S., it depends on the type of refund and what's being refunded. Generally, if it's a refund of the price of something you purchased, it's not taxed, assuming the purc

Can your tax refund be taken to pay unemployment?

The President has signed H.R. 2608, The SSI Extension for Elderly and Disabled Refugees Act, into law. The legislation amends IRC §6402 to allow the IRS to offset an indi

If you don't pay taxes will you get a tax refund?

no not at all. alternative view . A tax refund is absolutely dependent on if more money was paid in (through payroll withholding or estimated payments ever quarter - as requ

Do you pay taxes on your income tax refund?

A Federal income tax refund is not taxable income (for state or Federal purposes) in the year a taxpayer receives it. A state income tax refund for a previous tax yea

What if you cannot pay your taxes by the deadline?

FILE YOUR RETURN ON TIME ANYWAY. The federal penalty for not filing your return on time is TEN TIMES as much as the penalty for filing but not paying. The penalty for no

Why do people that don't pay taxes get a refund?

I would suspect that this is called a subsidy: A strategy used by governments to help people on low incomes or the unemployed; or used to encourage people engage in a particul
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What is the deadline to pay income taxes?

In the US, generally speaking, the bulk of the tax due (exactly how this is defined is complicated, but generally you're okay as long as you paid at least as much by the end o
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Can you get a tax refund if you filed 9 months after deadline?

Yes. You can actually file for a refund for the current year and two years previous. Right now you can file for a refund on tax years 2008, 2009, and 2010. You can also file f
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What is the process of getting a tax refund?

The process is very simple, you go to the office to pickup the required paperwork, once you fill this out with the mentioned information (and required additional papers) you r