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yes, u need to program a new television by rescanning or blind scan your satellites

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โˆ™ 2011-09-22 16:06:15
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Q: Do you have to program a new television to view all available channels?
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List of free adult television channels?

There are no free adult television channels on cable. All adult television programming is available on pay per view.

What are the most channels I can get with a Satellite Receiver?

There are over 350 channels available from satellite television. Depending on the company you choose to go with you can a wide variety of channels such as pay per view, sports, movies etc.

what are freesat channels for?

Freesat is a TV service that is available in select areas in Europe. Freesat does not currently offer any pay per view channels, though it is something they are considering. There are currently five HD channels, and over 150 free tv and radio channels.

Do you pay for the BBC channels?

Not directly. You pay for the TV liscense which then allows you to view the channels.

What channels are available on free Internet TV?

Depending on where you watch your television (TwitchTV, Hulu, etc.), the channels you can get will vary. As a general rule, any non-pay-per-view channel can be found on a free television channel online.

How do i get a signal from my sdtv?

i have suddenlink cable but i disconnect my cable from tv and know i cant program it back it picking up only pay view channels

How can one view TV programs secretly?

It is not clear as to what specifically is meant by viewing TV programs secretly. If one wishes to watch a program without others being aware, one can view a television in a room that is away from others or perhaps view the program on a computer or laptop if available.

What cable channel shows Toronto Maple Leafs hockey on TV?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have their own channel on cable known as Leafs TV. This channel is only available to the Toronto region. For everywhere else, one can view games on many sports channels or pay per view channels.

Can you view a HD tv without having HD channels?


How do you watch TV off your computer?

You can either Subscribe to Online TV Channels or can connect a TV Tuner Card to PC\Laptop to view Television Channels on your Computer.

What are all the channels you will be able to view with a converter box?

Any television receiver, whether a converter box or an integrated receiver in a television will only be able to receive channels that are being broadcast on the platform that the receiver is designed to use. Worldwide, there are thousands of broadcasters with many thousands of channels. The answer to the question is to look up the output from local broadcasters to see what is available.

Are Dexter television show episodes available to view online?

Dexter televisions show episodes are available to view. The way one gets access to Dexter show is to view them on Sidereel , TVshow7 and Xfinity, where they are available to watch for free.

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