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Of course. Whether you sell stuff through amazon, ebay, your own web site, a little store on the corner, a booth at a fair, or any other method, the tax treatment is the same.

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Q: Do you have to report your Amazon earnings on your taxes?
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When will amazon report earnings?

If you go to yahoo finance and get a quote on AMZN listed on the left will be a category showing company events which will show future date for AMZN to report their earnings. But usually only a week or two in advance.

How to get a Loan with a under the table job?

Report your earnings with a 1099. You can say you are a contractor, which is a generic term. You will owe taxes, though.

What are tax evaders?

Tax evaders are people or companies that either refuse to pay taxes, under-report their earnings or over-report their deductions from tax. More serious crimes involving taxes quickly escalate into fraud.

Do day traders pay state taxes on their earnings?

If the state has income tax, the day traders will pay state income taxes on their earnings.

How are the taxes on employee's earnings collected?

Taxes on employees' earnings are collected through the use of quarterly payments to the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. Taxes on employees' earnings are also collected individually from employees at the end of a tax year if taxes previously paid were not sufficient enough to pay total taxes owed.

How do you file a 1099 when you rent your own nail booth?

You file the 1099 just as you would if you received a W-2. You must report all of your earnings when you file your taxes.

Can you instruct your payroll department not to withhold any federal and state taxes from your paycheck?

Only under very limited circumstances if, for some reason, you are qualified to be exempt from withholding taxes. Under most circumstances, no. The company is required to withhold taxes and report employee earnings.

What is Current Earnings on balance sheet?

The current earnings reported on a company's balance sheet describes the earnings of the current year. This does not include the interest and taxes associated with the earnings.

How much can be won in lottery by a person on social security before having to file taxes?

You are required to report all income on your tax return. Whether or not you actually have to pay taxes on those earnings depends on your income, credits, and deductions.

Is a freelance photographer required to pay business taxes?

If you own or run a photography business, you are required by the law to pay your taxes. If you are a freelancer, you may report earnings that exceed $400 and pay for taxes. Keep all your invoices on business-related expenses to be considered for tax breaks.

Does most of the money you earn go to taxes?

No NOT the most of the amount of your gross earnings will go to taxes.

Do hedge funds report earnings to the SEC?

Yes, they do

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