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Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

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Q: Do you have to separate the male rabbit for the female and her babies?
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Do you have to separate the male gerbil from the female and her babies?

Yes you have to separate the male gerbil from the female with her babies because if you leave the male with the female and her babies the male will kill them.

How doen a female rabbit have babies without a male rabbit?

they can't have babies without a male.

After a male rabbit has mated with a female rabbit do you have to separate them?

Yes, it is best to separate a pregnant female rabbit from the rest of the rabbits.

How do you get a rabbit to have babies with out a male?

You can't. The female needs the male to mate with her if not she won't have babies.

What to do after a female robo dwarf hamster has her babies?

After giving birth to the babies separate the male from the female and babies or else the male will try to kill them. after a few week or so separate the mother and then separate the female and male babies or else they will mate at an early age and have undeveloped babies

Can gust a female rabbit have babies?

Yes, all you will need is male rabbit

Do you need to mate your rabbit to have babies?

Yes, you must have a male and female.

Do you have to have a male and female rabbit to have bunnies?

Yes, you MUST have a female and a male rabbit who have mated in order to have babies. same as humans, you mother didn't have you with out your father

If you have a male rabbit and want to get another should you get a male or female?

If you want to have babies, get a female (but be warned, you might get dozens)

Should you put your female rabbit in with your male rabbit when shes in heat?

If you want babies, Yes.

Should you separate the male from the pregnant female?

Not until she has the babies.

Can a male rabbit have babies?

Not unless it is a male rabbit with a female reproductive system, which could happen but is super rare. In general, no.

When a rabbit is pregnant should the male and female be separated?

Yes, it is recommended that the male and female rabbit should be separated as soon as they have mated. This is because the male rabbit can become aggressive towards the female and could hurt the babies when they are born.

Do you have to take a male rabbit out of the cage when the female is going to have babies?

yes you do or the male will kill the babys

Can two male rabbits have babies?

There needs to be both a male and a female rabbit in order to reproduce.

Can a nuetered male and female rabbit live togethor?

yes they can but they won't have babies

Will a male rabbit left in the cage with a female rabbit after giving birth kill the kits when they are born?

You must separate the male from the female rabbit. Generally a male rabbit won't kill his offspring. But once the deed has been done, in the wild the male rabbit will usually leave the female and leave her to do her thing.

Can a female rabbit have babies then 2 months later have babies when she hasn't been with a male since?

Heck No!

When a hamster gets a baby do you separate the male from the female?

Yes because the male will try to kill the female and the babies

How old do male rabbits have to be to have babies?

Male rabbits are pose to be 6 months to bred. with a female rabbit.

Does babies the male rabbit eat the female rabbits?

No. Rabbits do not eat other rabbits.

What is the term of a female and male rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck and a female rabbit is a doe.

What is the name of the male and the female rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck, female rabbit is a doe.

Should you take the male rabbit away from the female when she has her babys?

Yes, you should. If you leave the male in with the female and babies, he may step on them or eat them.

Do you need to separate male and female ham sters?

If you dont want them to have babies ,Yes If you want them to have babies,no