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Yes, if there is court ordered spousal maintenance and/or child support the financial obligation is mandatory until the order is changed or rescinded in court.

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Q: Do you have to share your income with your ex every year?
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What is mean annual income?

Annual income is the amount of money earned by an individual over a calender year. For ex: Mr. X makes $6000 per month then his annual income is $72000/-

What legal rights does ex-husband have over wife's lower income?

An ex-husband has no legal rights in his ex-wife's income. All spousal rights end with the divorce unless covered by a court order.An ex-husband has no legal rights in his ex-wife's income. All spousal rights end with the divorce unless covered by a court order.An ex-husband has no legal rights in his ex-wife's income. All spousal rights end with the divorce unless covered by a court order.An ex-husband has no legal rights in his ex-wife's income. All spousal rights end with the divorce unless covered by a court order.

If your ex is behind on child support how does that effect their income tax refund or tax rebate?

Well, the only child support I ever receive is when my ex files his income taxes once a year. The government takes it and send the courts what is owed to me, and the court sends the amount to me.

If the non-custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

The income of your ex-spouse's partner is irrelevant to child support; only your ex-spouses income counts.

Is the child support amount based upon the ex-spouse's household income in Arizona?

No, not the whole household's income, just the ex-spouse's income. If he/she is remarried the new spouse's income does not count. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

Difference between outstanding income and accrued income?

Out standing income is an income which have not been received yet eventhoug the event been incurredex: mr A is agree to pay the sum of 1000Rs every month as a commission , he actually paid for 10 months, still he required to pay 2 months at the year end eventhough he not paid yet. balance of rs 2000 becomes an out standing income(current asset)cash a/c dr 8000outstanding income a/c dr 2000To Commission A/c 10000 Accrued income is an income which has been accumulated or accrued irrestpective to actual Receipt, which means event incurred but cash not yet receivedEx: Interest on Fixed deposits: on the day of investments fixed deposits a/c dr 10000To Cash/Bank a/c 10000 end of the year Accrued interest 1000tO income from Fixed Deposits 1000(10%interest) Fixed deposit value at the end of year 11000

Ex-wife's current husband's income is about 3 times what mine is. Will his income affect child support obligation?

Probably not. He isn't responsible for his stepchild.

Can a 1994 Honda Civic ex front windshield fit a 1993 Honda Civic ex?

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How do you calculate income from subsidiary under the Equity Method?

Look at the financials for the sub's reported income. Multiply that number by the percentage of ownership by the parent. Calculate your adjustments to bring the subs accounts to fair value, and add or subtract them as needed from the parent's share. This number will be the income from sub. Ex: Sub's reported income: 3,000,000 Parents share 30%: 900,000 Disposal of Fair Value Adjustments Inventory: (300,000) OCA: 60,000 Equipment: (45,000) Notes Pay.: (12,000) Income From Sub : 900,000 - 300,000 + 60,000 - 45,000 - 12,000 = 603,000

IS wealth a flow measure?

No, it is a stock measure, as in, it is measured at a given point in time. Income on the other hand IS a flow measure, you must specify a time period for it ex. income per month or per year.

Does ex wife husbands income lower child support in ca?

husbands income does not count and is irrelevant

How many babies are born to teen mothers every year?

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Is it against the law for your five year old son to share a bedroom with his grandparents when he is at his father's for the weekend ex still lives with mommy and daddy?

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Is it legal to go after an ex-husband's girlfriend's income?


Can an ex spouse garnish private disability income?

No, but the court can.

Does ex wife husbands income lower your child support?


Why is ex boyfriends child support based on your income?

In some states, 20% of your income can be used. see link

Can a tax refund be garnished even though its the ex spouses income which money was owed?

If you files jointly for that year I think they can hit you both until paid

What happens if you and soon to be ex share same insurance policy and you damage ex car?

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How do you find out your ex-wife income?

A person can find out an ex wives income by going to court and requesting the information if it concerns child support or other litigation. If there is no litigation involved, there is no way to get the information.

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Can your husband's ex use your income to collect alimony in the state of Arizona?

No, it is not attachable.