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Yes, in most countries you will have to do the test. If you refuse, the officer is usually empowered to arrest and take you to a police station for a blood test.

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Implied consent law states?

You must submit to a sobriety test when asked by a law enforcement officer.

If you refuse to take any sobriety test when asked by a law enforcement officer your license will you suspended for a minimum of one year for a first refusal and 18 months for a second or subsequent?


Can you have a sentence for the word permissible?

Because I didn't want to break any laws, I asked a code enforcement officer if it was permissible to put up a fence without a permit.

What is a sentence for the word submit?

I would like to submit my resignation as manager of the corporation. He was asked to submit to a polygraph test. The Central American tribes would not submit to Spanish rule.

Can a subpoena be served only in writing?

Not sure what is being asked - - they can be delivered out-of-state (for instance) by registered mail. They can be delivered verbally face-to-face via a law enforcement officer or Bailiff. (???)

Explanation letter why i can not submit requested document?

If a court asked you to submit a document and you do not you can be held in contempt of court. (Not In All Cases)

Who responds to the officer about who's boss?

Ralph responded "i am" after the officer asked who the boss was.

How do you submit a question that isn't on this website yet?

Type your question in the question box at the top of the page. If the question has not been asked, you can submit it as a new question.

Can you carry a unconcealed weapon in Missouri?

Yes. Asked a kcmo police officer. Officer hall.

Can you submit more than one question?

Yes I have asked about 80 questions (In guessing)

Why was elie father bein beaten?

He asked where the bathroom was and was slapped by an SS officer because he asked the question.

The directions for this assignment asked you to write a five paragraph rough draft of your essay and submit it?


Does a police officer have to identify himself?

There is no law that requires it but most law enforcement agencies have internal regulations that require officers to identify themselves (when asked) by either their name or their badge number. This regulation obviously does not apply to officers working in undercover assignments.

What does implied consent law state?

What does implied constant law state? You must submit to a sobriety test when asked by a law enforcement officer. In states which have 'implied consent', when you sign your driver's license application, you are giving consent for law enforcement officers to take a blood sample if you are ever arrested on suspicion of DUI. The are allowed to take the blood sample (by force, if necessary) even if you refuse a breathalyzer test. In many states, if you refuse a breath test, the DMV will automatically suspend your driver's license, and if that state (the state you're arrested in, not the state your license is from) has 'implied consent', they can still forcibly take a blood sample and test it for alcohol or drug content, to determine whether you were intoxicated at the time of arrest. The urban legend that you can get out of a DUI by refusing a BAC test is false and in the case that you may have other drugs in your system which might impair your driving, the blood test will detect these, resulting in additional criminal charges.

Can officers carry a weapon on college campus?

Yes, they can as long as it's not a private college on or off duty they are protected by the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA). If it is a private college they must get permission from the administers and if there asked to take it off they have to do so.

Does it cost to submit an FAFSA?

No, it is free as long as –you use the official government site ( to submit your application. If you go to any other sites, you will probably be asked to pay to submit the FAFSA.Just keep in mind that the first F in "FAFSA" stands for "free".

Does an undercover officer have to answer truthfully when asked if he is a cop or not?

No. This is a total myth. If you ask an undercover police officer whether or not he's a cop, he does NOT have to answer truthfully.

If you are asked to submit to a test of the alcohol in your body in California you may choose?

You can choose a breath test or a blood test.

How do I get the answer to the question I asked?

When you submit a question, it will soon be reviewed by many contributors and an answer will be posted. Keep the question under watch.

What is a reporting officer in a police department?

Not sure just what is being asked - however - anytime an officer submits a report of any kind he is termed to be the "reporting officer' for that particular case.

Why did the ss officer hit elie's father?

Because he asked to use the bathroom.

Does this include a probation officer removing weapons and transporting them out of state without a local police officer present?

What is being asked? The question is incomplete.

Why do you want to be a naval officer?

During an interview, you may be asked why you want to be a naval officer. Have an answer prepared to this basic question before going in to be interviewed.

What is an obstruction on law enforcement officer?

Obstruction of an Officer is quite simply not cooperating with a request he/she makes. I'm a Health and Safety inspector and if i am refused entry to a premises that is classed as obstruction. Also if i ask a member of staff for information on the company or how things are run at the premises e.g. company policies and procedures and that person fails to answer the questions then again "technically" that can be obstruction. What an Officer does about it can vary, you may cautioned on the spot and asked why you are failing to answer his/her request. You also may be invited in for an interview under caution to explain yourself as to why you obstructed the Officer. The penalty for obstruction is up to £5000 AND/OR a term in prison (up to 3 months). You can see its better to work along with Law Enforcement Officers or face the consequences!!

Can you get a substitute teaching certificate without a degree?

Typically, you will be asked to submit a transcript validating to completion of 60 college credits.