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only one school

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Q: Do you have to wear a school uniform in the Netherlands?
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Should you wear a uniform to school?

unless your school has a uniform then wear it but not then dont

Do the students who wear school uniform do better?

Generally, students who wear a school uniform do better in school.

Do German children wear school uniform?

German children do not have to wear a school uniform in most cases. :)

What do you wear to school?

Two types: Uniform: it is mandatory that you wear the uniform that the school has provided, and no changes to it. Non-Uniform: You can wear what you like, aslong as it isn't offensive, rude or in-appropriate you can wear it.

Why do you have to wear school uniform and how much it coast?

you wouldn't have to wear the school uniform because they suck and they cost to much!!

Should there be uniform in school?

To show the identity of the school , we shall wear our uniform

Do you have to wear uniform in the school MS 181?

No you do not have to wear a uniform at MS181.

Does Nathaniel narbonne high school wear uniform?

nope, it is not required to wear uniform.

Do children have to wear school uniform?

Not all children. Only children who go to schools that support a uniform policy have to wear a school uniform, like mine.

Do French people wear school uniform?

not to sure but i think many of the schools in France allow they students to wear what they want, in reason that is :) but i think there are some, maybe 15 -20, that make students wear a uniform

Do the french wear school uniform?


Do Italian children wear school uniform?

Yes they doStudents in elementary school wear a kind of apron as their school uniform (white for girls, blue for boys) and secondary students wear a school uniform much like ours in Australia.