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( NO ) with the engine cool

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Q: Do you keep your car running when adding antifreeze?
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Should the engine be cool or running when adding antifreeze?

Your engine should be cold ( to be on the safe side) when adding antifreeze/coolant. i let the car sit overnight and then add it.

Does the car need to be running when adding antifreeze?

No , it's best to add coolant when the engine is cold

Does adding antifreeze to a car radiator increase the boiling point of the water in the radiator?


Can low antifreeze in car keep it heater from working?


When was Keep the Car Running created?

Keep the Car Running was created on 2007-03-19.

How your car will react running without antifreeze?

It will overheat, unless you can successfully air cool it.

Can a broken negative wire keep the car from running?

It can keep the car, or some accessory in the car from running, depending where the break is.

What can happen if you use straight antifreeze in your radiator?

If your use anything more concentrated than about half anitfreeze and half water, the radiator water will freeze at a considerably warmer temperature. There will be less protection. Also, antifreeze actually helps keep your car running cooler in summer. If you use straight antifreeze, the car will "boil over" at a much lower temperature. There will be less protection.

Adding a nonvolatile solute like antifreeze to the radiator of a car blank the concetration blank the freezing point?

increases, and lowers

Why does the inside of my car smell like antifreeze but there are no leaks and is not running hot?

i believe your heater core has died

Why isn't your power steering working?

You may need to purchase some power steering fluid. Make sure when adding fluid to your vehicle that you keep car running.

Can you put window washer fluid in your antifreeze tank?

Not if you want to keep driving the car!