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me and my sister both have, she took 13 hpt and 2 blood before a pos with her first, no she is almost 5 months and went through this all over again except this time she was actually having her period she got her pos. the month she missed and when ultra sound was done it proved all the other test were wrong. she is due sept 05 as for me I have 3 kids 1st one took several urine test , 2nd one took blood test (urine would not pick up) and 3rd one ready for this no test picked up blood nor urine i had to have ultra sound to prove test wrong the one time a urine test did pick up on me with no trouble was sept 04 and I lost my baby Oct 04 guess my body produced to much hormones that time. good luck and remember test are not always right you maybe like me and my sister ask for ultrasound if test keep coming up neg.

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Q: Do you know anyone who has ever failed more than one blood and urine pregnancy test and STILL ended up being pregnant?
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