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There are different licensing organizations for personal trainers. There is no state licensing board; rather these organizations license trainers as a way of verifying that the trainer has undertaken the proper training and coursework. Visit these sites for details: AND

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Q: Do you know how I can become a certified personal trainer?
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Do I need to be certified to be a personal trainer?

You do need to be certified to be a personal trainer. You need to know how to train people without causing injury to them or yourself. There are many places available for a person to become certified.

Where in NYC can I become a certified personal trainer? Use these two FAQ links to know the requirements of becoming a certified personal trainer.

What are the requirements for becoming a personal trainer?

A degree in exercise science can go a long way towards finding employment. The requirements for being a personal trainer aren't very steep if you have a solid physique and know what kind of fitness program is best to follow.

How do you become certified as a personal trainer?

I took classes, but ultimately I did a ton of studying and took the ACE CPT. It's a pretty difficult test, but if you know your stuff it's doable. There are plenty of Certifications out there, many of which are pretty easy to get.

What is the role of a cft?

A crt is a certified fitness trainer. The role of a certified fitness trainer is to properly train an individual to exercise correctly. When a certified fitness trainer notices any problems, they are to let the client know to visit a physician to address the problem or problems noticed.

What do I need to become a certified personal trainer?

Becoming a personal trainer requires learning about personal health, sports nutrition, injury prevention, and managing stress and lifestyle changes in future clients. Personal trainers usually earn their personal trainer certification from a personal trainer school. After achieving certification, personal trainers are relatively well-compensated, because people often pay top dollar to work out and achieve their fitness goals with a private, personal trainer. Although, PTs are contract employees so taxes are not taken out up front so plan on saving at least 20-30% of your income for taxes at the end of the year. The plus side is you can write off a lot of taxes if you know what you are doing. The easiest place to start for someone who has zero personal training experience is to call around to local gyms and find out if they are hiring. Yes, gyms will hire you with no experience and no certification. Some fitness managers even prefer it because they get to train you themselves and can dictate the w

Should I get personal trainer insurance?

Yes, if you get a personal trainer insurance, you can have someone there to help you with your trainings and they can guide you and give you professional information that you need to know.

Did David Beckham a a personal trainer?

don't know can u help me out??

What kind of degree do you need to be a fitness trainer?

None. At least in Maryland. --As of right now, to be a personal trainer in the U.S. you do not need any type of degree. Actually even a high school graduate can say "oh, I'm a personal trainer" and that makes him a trainer. There are no laws or regulations that say that they need a degree or certification. However, most gyms will ask that you have a certification. because that way if some one tries to sue them, they can say that you are certified and know what you are doing.

how do i become a certified personal trainer in tampa florida?

I would check USF University of South Florida--they have an established athletic program. Look into recreation and leisure, or physical education classes and especially program offerings on the website. Also try AFAA and IFPA but don't know if they're accredited or reputable.

How do you become a bodybuilding trainer?

To become a bodybuilding trainer you have to understand how the body works. You have to make sure you know what exercises will train which muscles. Also make sure you know about muscle building.

Which personal trainer certification programs are recognized across all states?

If you visit this website,, you will learn everything you need to know. It is the website for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and they will ensure that your certification is good in each state.

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