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First you have to make a plan and a vision on what kind and what design you want for your BBQ grill cover. You can also check at you tube for they upload different of suggestions in everything just to give us ideas.

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2012-04-19 17:20:05
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Q: Do you know how to build your own custom BBQ grill?
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Who has custom BBQ grills for sale?

In order to find a custom bbq grill, it would be suggested to go search it up. There are rarely any sales for bbq grills, so I'd suggest that you keep your hopes low.

Finding Custom BBQ Grills For Sale?

Most custom BBQ grills that are put up for sale are either made very locally by BBQ aficionados or are designed for a specific purpose by professional chefs. The best chance for finding a custom BBQ grill for sale is to look for restaurants that are closing or holding auctions. These restaurants sometimes have custom made BBQ grills that they are selling. If there are no local dealers then it might also be beneficial to contact metalworkers or manufacturers to see if it is possible to create a custom grill from spare metal and grating.

Where can I find affordable custom BBQ grill covers? might work. As for affordable, I think the cheapest of BBQ grill covers could be self-made: with some instructions, of course.

How much would it cost to repair a BBQ grill?

Custom built outdoor summer kitchens and built in BBQ grills of any design. You can design Any outdoor kitchen you want and we will build it for you! have been custom building outdoor kitchens for ten years in South Florida. Is much thicker and stronger than what is available at retail hardware stores.

Can I make a DIY barbecue grill?

You can go to for plans to build your own diy barbecue grill. is also a good website to get ideas on how to build your diy bbq grill.

What's the best BBQ grill available online?

Best BBQ grill on the market is a Huntington Forge 490 Gas Grill but the price is pretty high. I don't know if its only for one occasion. Otherwise I would by a cheap BBQ.

How do you order BBQ grill parts for a specific grill?

I am sure you can order any BBQ grill parts, as long as you know what part you want, and you have serial number of the grill and also the part number. Make sure you know what brand you have, go to their website and order what you want.

How to Use Custom Grill Covers Effectively?

Custom BBQ grill covers help keep the harsh weather from damaging the grill. Custom BBQ grill covers are made to fit the grill perfectly to assure the best results. Rust from wet weather can reduce the grill to a useless piece of equipment in time. One strong wind storm can cause irreparable damage as well. Place the cover over the grill and secure it after each use. Allow the grill to cool down prior to placing the cover on it. This will keep it from catching fire or melting from the heat. Place the grill in an area that keeps it stable during wind storms.

Good Deals At BBQ Grill Stores?

Whether they are searching for a charcoal or gas grill, people who are shopping for an outdoor grill might benefit from trying a BBQ grill store that specializes in selling BBQ grills. Both online retailers and local stores sometimes specialize in selling BBQ grills, and good deals can often be found at a BBQ grill store that can't be found at more traditional retail stores. The associates at BBQ grill stores are also surprisingly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to purchasing a BBQ grill.

BBQ Grill Cover?

form_title= BBQ Grill Cover form_header= Keep your grill for a long time with a cover. What is the make and model of your grill?*= _ [50] What color do you what the grill?*= _ [50] How old is your grill?*= _ [50]

What are the differences between a Korean BBQ grill and a standard grill?

From what I have researched and can find online, it seems that a Korean BBQ grill is something that is used indoors on a stovetop as opposed to a regular outdoor BBQ.

What is the differences between BBQ and grill?

a BBQ is when cooking meat, a grill can cook any thing -(such as fruit, veggies)

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