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Yes, you can indeed get tow truck insurance online. You can even get it through your credit card company.

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Q: Do you know if I can get tow truck insurance online?
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Who tows the tow trucks when they break down?

Tow truck insurance company... Contact Tow truck insurance 1TOWTRUCKINSURANCE.COM,We are specialized in providing tow truck insurance to tow truck owners/operators.Call us at 18005133135 for CA California tow truck insurance, Tow Trucks Insurance Nevada NV, Insurance Tow Truck Arizona AZ, Towing Truck Insurance Quotes and more...

Where can I get a fast and accurate online quote for tow truck insurance?

Check out websites such as or They both offer insurance quotes on pretty much any sort of car or truck.

Will auto insurance cover tow truck services?

You can indeed have road assistance with your auto insurance that will provide tow truck service. You can also have rental car service along with it.

Why is it a requirement for a wrecking service to have tow truck insurance?

If one were looking into starting a wrecking service they may wonder why they must have tow truck insurance. In fact it is a requirement for a wrecking service to have tow truck insurance due to the possibility that the vehicle they are towing may damage their own or others vehicles in the event of an accident.

where can I purchase a tow truck ?

You can purchase a tow truck online at many websites. Some websites I found are and

How can you become a tow truck provider for geico or other insurance companies?

We are just wondering how we can become a tow provider for Geico

What if a tow truck damages your car. I was parked in a spot that required a permit to park. When I picked my truck up at the private tow company it had a cracked frame. It is a new truck. Can I sue?

claim it on your insurance, they will go after the tow trucks insurace company

Where can I look for tow truck driver jobs online?

There are tow truck driver jobs available. Job search websites such as and department of workforce services are some examples of great places to look for tow truck driver jobs.

Is a tow truck fast or slow?

a tow truck is slow

Where can I advertise my tow truck for sale ?

You can advertise your tow truck for sale at a number of online sites like kijiji or craigslist and see what people are interested and they will reply to your ad.

Tow Truck for Sale?

form_title= Tow Truck for Sale form_header= Find a tow truck in your area. Have you ever operated a tow truck before?*= () Yes () No What size tow truck do you need?*= _ [50] What is your price range?*= _ [50] Do you want a new or used tow truck?*= () New () Used

How do you become a tow truck owner and operator?

Buy a tow truck

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