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The date of 11th March 1944 when converted into Roman numeral is XI March MDCCCCXXXXIIII or alternatively XI March IVLMM. Note that the year 1944 displayed in Roman numerals as MCMXLIV is incorrect because the positional place value of these numerals have not been set out properly. With Roman numerals all negative numerals should be positioned in descending order from right to left which are then subtracted from all positive numerals positioned in descending order from left to right. Thus the numerals M+CM+XL+IV would be positioned as IXCMMLV (2055-111=1944) which can be simplified to IVLMM (2000-56=1944) by reducing equal amounts from the negative and positive sides. Likewise the numerals M+CM+XC+X would be positioned as XCMMCX (2110-110=2000) which can be simplified to MM (2000) by the same manner as above. The Roman numeral system was derived from the Etruscan numeral system with some modifications. The Etruscans, who once ruled the Romans, wrote down their positive numerals backwards from right to left. Numeral values: M=1000, D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5 and I=1. I do hope and trust that your question has been answered quite satisfactorily. David Gambell, Merseyside, England. Alternative conventionally accepted answer Roman numerals read from left to right, starting with the highest value numeral. The numeral MCMXLIVis made up of the units M (1000) + CM (9000) + XL (40) + IV (4) which quite clearly add up to 1944, they follow the correct rules relating to order and as such MCMXLIV is the accepted form of writing 1944 in Roman numerals. MDCCCCXXXXIIII also follows these rules and it therefore numerically correct but it is long and unweildy, which is why the shorter form MCMXLIV is generally used. IVLMM is just plain wrong. The numerical order is incorrect as the highest value numeral should come first. According to the website I can preceed V or X but should not preceed any larger numeral. The same website also indicated that L can preceed C but should not preceed M, so placing IVL before MM clearly contravenes these rules.

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Q: Do you know what is the birth date of the 11th March 1944 is in Roman numerals?
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