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yes i doo why?because the feeling and how good it feels

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What we call love without sex?

Love. Not all love involves sex.

How you make love?

sex sex sex sex sex sex SEXMaking love to someone you absolutely love is making love. It comes natural. But if you are talking about romance then you can set the room up with candles, flowers, soft music, or however you would like to.

Who is the god and goddesses of sex?

Venus is the goddess of love. Since sex is love.

Can a married man and his wife be in love without sex?

I am sure, love isn't sex and sex isn't love. I am sure it would have a huge bearing on the relationship but I am sure you could be in love.

Is love true love without sex?

It can be. Back in the times of the Knights in England, one of the main codes of a Knight was the Courtly Love in which the Knight praised and loved the lady from a distance and the lady was to stay out of reach and pure. Love is a tricky thing. Men usually find sex and love two completely different things. It really depends on your view of love. True love endures. When a man and woman are married for a long time, sex becomes less and less important in their relationship. It comes to a point where sex is no more but love, true love, goes on and on. Sex is a passion. Love is love. We truly love our children without sex. We truly love our parents without sex. Love is love.

How is sex important in love?

Because if you love somebody then you will wanna show them that you love them by having sex and pleasing them being interment

How do you have love?

with sex

What is love and how it is different from sex?

Love is a long term relationship,it may not last long, but intention is that. Sec is a short term aggrement or better to say relationship where both parties get agree for the same.Sex is need of body where love is need of heart.

What is the definition of map middle sound?

sex sex sex i love sex annd boobs

Which one is great Love or Sex?

Love can last a life time and sex maybe a few minutes. The bond you have with someone when your in love is nothing compared to when your having sex. Im talking bout LOVE Answer: Love. Answer: Both are great; but love is greater because there are circumstances where one might be willing to die for love, but hardly anyone would ever be willing to die for sex. love you can't get diseases from love

Difference between love and sex?

Sex is much different than love. Love is something you feel for another person and you don't need to have sex to express your love for someone. There are many other ways to show someone love. Like Just spending quality time together and making the them happy. If you truly love someone, you love for who they are on the inside and you don't need sex to prove it. sex is just an act and many people who are not truly in love partake in it.

Is sex love or it is not?

It all depends on what you believe. But my opinion is that just having sex is not love. Making love is love because you love that person and are enjoying it with someone that matters to you.Hope I helped! :)

Why are guys always love leading girls on when they don't actually like them?

Guys use love to get sex and Girls use sex to get love!

What bad word does love the way you lie have in it?

sex have sex

Relationship between love and sex?

You don't need love to have sex and for both participants to enjoy it. On the other hand you don't need to have sex to have love either. A sexual relationship is materialistic and a love relationship is more spiritual or emotional.

What is that boys name in the movie of Hannah Montana the movie?

Justin bieber is realy hot !!! I love him i wanna have sex with him ....... Sex sex and more sex with him xxx love u Justin

How can you get a guy to fall in love with you Besides sex?

Sex won't help. Wait on it and find out if they really love you or not first.

How you make sex?

You can't make sex, you can ask someone to have sex with you. It is possible that you are confusing "have sex" with "make love."

Why do some people have same-sex marriage?

People marry someone of the same sex if they're in love with them. Love is love. It doesn't discriminate.

What is though mean?

nikka who caress? I Love You And Im On My Period Peace Love Sex And Drugs =) nikka who caress? I Love You And Im On My Period Peace Love Sex And Drugs =)

How can you make sex sweet?

when you make your love patter ready for the ation sex can be sex Or when you came

What is your first love....the first person you've ever fallen in love with or the first person you've made love to?

Love is emotional. It's called "falling in love" not "falling in sex". Sex comes after love.

What is making love?

when you have sex ( put penis in vagina)Hahah, that guy/girl is not completely correct.Proper answer:Making love is sex, but their are feelings involved.You feel that you love the person and close to the person that you are having sex with.

What does quiero el sexo mean?

I love sex or I want sex

What is called a place for making love?

if it is sex it is the bedroom but if its not sex enywhere