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Do you make out on your first date?



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Never! This is a big no no. For one if your a girl and you perseu the kiss then this guy will think you are easy for one, and 2 he will think that kissing you will always be readily available. That should never be the case. Its the first date for crying out loud. Now if it is the guy trying to go in for the kiss it is different because then the girl views him as a pervert or a horn dog and all the other good names that come with just being a guy. hold back on the kiss and the girl will admire you more. There is also a sense of mysterie there for the girl. She will be left thinking "well why didn't he try to kiss me" and it drives them wild then the next date you have with her she will be more physical throughout the night and that's a big plus for you and the road on to a real relationship. Second dates are made for kissing but not a full on makeout session so keep your head on straight. The 3rd is all out war! you can even invite the person to your house for a bonafied makeout session. No holds barred after that baby! Good luck