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Some companies do require it.

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Q: Do you need GED to be a trucker?
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How much education do you need to be a semi trucker?

Many companies require at least a GED.

Do you need to go to college to be a trucker?


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If you don't have GED or diploma and im 26 can you i the marines?

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Most employers require you to need a copy of your GED. Call the location where you took the test and ask for proof that you earned the GED.

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A GED is acceptable and a waiver of acceptance is rarely granted.

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you need at least a GED to even get IN the Air Force

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The GED Prep is the preparation work you need to do before you take the GED Test. The GED Prep includes all the learning, study and revision. The GED Test is the actual exam you sit at the end to find out your results.

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a ged

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do you need a ged to work at bremner food group in ky

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