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Do you need Pokemon leafgreen in the GBA slot of your Nintendo DS to catch Magby in Pokemon pearl?


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yes. and when you put fire red into the bottom of the ds you can get an Elekid.

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in leafgreen well that's what i heard.if you do not have leafgreen then i am not the person to ask

you can catch him in stark mountain,and if you have leafgreen in the gba slot you can catch magby in route 227.

On route 227 or stark mountain while Pokemon leafgreen is in the GBA slot.

You can catch Magby by Feugo Ironworks.

You can catch magby in the white forest

To get it, you have to catch a Magby in the wild. You can catch it in Route 229 or in Stark Mountain by inserting a Leafgreen version into your gameboy. Magby has a magmorizer 50% of the time in Pokemon Pearl, and 5% of the time in Diamond.

Magby can only be caught in FireRed/LeafGreen and traded to Ruby/Sapphire.

If You want to catch magby in Pokemon pearl you have to: Insert a Pokemon leafgreen game in the GBA slot. Goto stark Mountain and search there eventualy you will find a magby if u don't start using pokeradar then u will find it Good Luck<(-_-)>

put a leafgreen(or was it firered??)game in slot 2 and then find magby in stark mountain

Sorry you can't catch magby, but you can still breed magby with magmar.

by nintendo event but i dont know when the event is hope i helped [i love pokemon]  

You need a special item from Nintendo to unlock the item to get to the island where you can catch it.

to get celebi you have to get it at a Nintendo event, or trade it from the Gamecube game.

You must get a ticket from a Nintendo Event that takes you to Birth Island.

Magby cannot be found in Pokemon Black. It can however, be found in the White Forest of Pokemon White.

You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

To get a Magmarizer in Pokemon Diamond you need a copy of Pokemon LeafGreen in the GBA slot of your DS. With Pokemon LeafGreen in the GBA slot of your DS wild Magby should start appearing in route 227 and Stark Mountain. Wild Magby have a chance to be holding a Magmarizer for you to catch or steal using moves like Thief. Note your DS must be turned off before you insert the copy of Pokemon LeafGreen into the GBA slot.

It's either Magby or elekid they both evolve with friendship so I hate that. U also have to have a file in leafgreen. elekid is in front of the valley windworks and magby in stark mountain. only after you beat the elite 4.

you can by getting an egg

magby can be found in the western (right) side of Pueltown

You cannot catch all Pokemon in Pokemon Leafgreen, you will need help from other versions.

You'd need to download the ticket at a Nintendo Event

You can't catch this Pokemon in diamond or pearl. You need to migrate a magmar, and ditto in from Pokemon leafgreen version. (You cannot get magmar in firered) Once they have migrated, put them both in daycare. After a little patience, an egg will turn up in daycare. This egg will hatch into your magby. P.S In leafgreen, you catch magmar in the grass in Mt. Ember, and you can catch Lv. 30 ditto deep in the Pokemon mansion, on the island South from Pallet town. Hope this helped :D

Of course, throwing Pokéball at it...

Wild Magby occasionally hold them. You can catch Magby at Stark Mountain.

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