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Q: Do you need a bedroom for a infant for custody?
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Can a father share a bedroom with his infant daughter?


Should a parent with custody have a bedroom for their child?


Does a joint custody parent need to live in a two bedroom apartment?

If not , then YOU are on the couch. Kids need a stable environment and space of their own with either parent.

How can a father in Texas get joint custody of an infant?

see links below

What are the dangers of locking your infant child in their bedroom?

Death, a feeling of being removed, mental problems.

An infant in need of CPR will show?

An infant in need of CPR will not be breathing and will not have a pulse. Also, the infant will be turning a blueish color.

How will an infant in need of CPR react?

The infant will be motionless.

What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a device, typically used by parents of an infant, that acts as a walkie-talkie. The receiver is placed by the infant in its bedroom, and the other is kept with the parent. It is used for monitoring the noises the infant is making, such as crying.

What will an infant in need of CPR show?

An infant in need of CPR will show no movement, breathing, or a pulse.

How can you get temporary custody of your infant daughter?

File a motion for it in court while in possession of the child. see my profile

An infant in need of CPR will show signs of?

An infant in need of CPR will be unconscious, not breathing and have no pulse.

How do you get custody of your cousins infant?

You can get custody of your cousin's infant if you can prove that person is neglectful of the child or the cousin is in prison or the cousin is dead. You can get a free consultation with a family law attorney on the first visit. See your local yellow pages to find a family law attorney. It will help your case if the child wants and needs to live with you. If you cannot get custody try for guardianship.

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