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do you need a license ti insure a vehicle in New Jersey


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You must be at least 16 and have a driver license to get auto insurance in Rhode Island

Yes, as long as you have a valid driver license.

Auto insurance is required in New Jersey. As a New Jersey driver, you have many choices when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Each choice you make affects the coverage you receive and the amount you pay.

Depending on the Insurance Company, international drivers licenses are accepted at their discretion.

No,, You have to buy the auto insurance for your car or you have to make sure the owner of the car you are driving has the required insurance and that it will cover you as a driver as well.

yes, and if you are put as an occasional driver on their car it's cheaper.

That shouldn't keep you from getting auto insurance as long as she is not listed as a designated driver of your vehicle. If your uninsured wife should drive and be involved in an accident with another driver, your insurance will not pay.

The reputable insurance company that can offer cheap auto insurance in New Jersey is none other than IFA Auto. IFA Auto is one of the most reputable auto insurance companies for New Jersey.

No. You need not get insurance when you get a drivers license, but you must get insurance when you buy your own vehicle

Until you obtain auto insurance and prove to the court that you are now insured.

If one is looking for high risk auto insurance companies in New Jersey, one could try the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. The IFA Auto Insurance is also worth a look.

By calling your insurance agent

yes you can get a auto loan without a license but you can not get auto insurance with out one and you can't complete the loan closing without insurance.

no, the driver has to be on your insurance or have there own insurance. if your driving and the persons with you then yes

You must get a master degree and additional license to get into the auto insurance business.

maybe it will help you -

With a suspended insurance license, I would not because you will be breaking a law. With a suspended drivers license you can sell insurance.

The question is a little confusing. If the spouse or person is listed on the insurance policy as a driver of the vehicle then they are indeed insured and shouldnot besubject to being penalized for that specific issue.

You can definitely exclude your spouse from your auto insurance. They shouldn't be driving if their license is suspended so they don't need insurance.

Sorry, but just because the other driver had no insurance or license doesn't mean they were at fault in the accident. Anyone can sue for anything, it does't mean they will win. Turn over any suit papers you get served with to your insurance agent immediately and they will handle it. Your insurance company will pay for any damages and will pay for your defense.

If you are old enough to have a driver's license, then you are old enough to have auto insurance ... simple as that!

No. He has to have auto insurance to keep driving.

Your insurance will have to pay regardless if the other person has insurance or not. You were at fault.

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