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Well, you should have a fax number already to use with your machine (HINT: the phone number)

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Q: Do you need a fax number to send faxes from your fax machine?
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Do you need a fax number to send faxes from a personal fax machine?

Yes. You need a fax number for the fax to send to. As well the fax you are sending from would need a fax number as well.

When faxing do both people need to have a fax machine?

no, you can also send and receive faxes with email fax services.

Will you be able to send faxes from a Linux machine?

fax2send command will do the job !

can you send online faxes without a fax machine?

Yes you can send faxes without a fax machine. The are many online services that provide this service. My company uses these types of services all the time.

What is efax and where can you find out more information on it?

Efax is a new way for businesses to send faxes without a fax machine. The business is given a toll-free fax number which they can use to send and receive faxes through e-mail.

Why fax machine is connected to computer?

A fax machine can be connected to a computer to let that computer send and receive faxes through it. There is also fax software that allows you to attach a file and send it to a fax number.

How do you send an overseas fax to France via a fax machine?

Add the country code and area code before the fax number. Or you can also use online faxing such as to send faxes via net and send directly to number of the receiver fax machine.

Does the receiving fax machine have to be turned on to send a fax?

Fax machine can send and received faxes. Of course you must turn it on first before using it.

Can my fax machine work with out any internet?

Yes. You can send and receive faxes without internet. However, you do need to have an active phone line. Faxes are basically just a phone call on a piece of paper!

Do I need to connect the Panasonic Laser Fax machine to my computer in order to operate it?

No, the fax machine needs only to be hooked to a working telephone line to send and receive faxes.

What is meant by a fax free machine?

A fax free machine means that you can send a fax for free on the machine. An example of a fax free machine would be a computer with specialized software to send faxes.

In order to send faxes online what modifications must one make to their computer to be able to send faxes?

For a computer to be able to send faxes online instead of by fax machine nothing has to be modified except some fax services do require a software to be downloaded before it can be used.

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