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you can drive if you dont have a license plate on your have to get one of those temporary plates.

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2013-04-17 20:49:17
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Q: Do you need a license plate on a car you do not drive?
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Can you drive your new car without a license plate?


In philippines you can drive your car not all the day depending of the number of your license plate?

In Philippines, you can drive your car not all the days of the week depending on the number of your license plate.

What do you need to get a license plate for your car?

If there is not an existing plate, you need the title, registration, and valid drivers license.

Can you drive the car home after purchase without a license plate?


Do you need a license to buy car?

You don't need a license to buy a car, but you need a license to drive a car on a public highway.

Does license plate stay on car when sold?

The license plate is yours and does not stay on the car when it is sold. Sometimes sellers allow the buyer to use the plate to drive home, but in general you should bring your own license plate for used car sales.

Driving a used car home after buying used car without license plate?

In Michigan you can drive the car home without license plate after buying it. However you need a proof of insurance and the title document. You need to have the car title transferred to your name within 15 days.

Can i put a car under my name if i don't have a Texas drivers license?

well u need license to drive but it will cost money to put the ur name in the plate on the back of the car

Do Nascar drivers need a license to drive?

No, they do not need a drivers license to drive a NASCAR race car.

Do you need a lorry license when you have a car license?

yes you need a separate license to drive a lorry. if you passed your license in 1997 or before you can drive up to 7.5tonne lorry on normal car license in UK

Do you need to have a license to drive a car in new york state?

Yes, a license to drive a car in New York IS required.

Can you drive a car on a provisional license?

In the United States it is not required that you have a drivers license of any type to purchase and own a car. You do need a license though to drive the car.

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