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Do you need a license to drive a boat in the UK?

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i think in the UK you can drive as long as you want with a international license. and can i drive in the UK with a Dutch license? i think in the UK you can drive as long as you want with a international license. and can i drive in the UK with a Dutch license?

No, you only need a driving license to drive it.

No. You need full UK driving licence to drive in France

yes you need a separate license to drive a lorry. if you passed your license in 1997 or before you can drive up to 7.5tonne lorry on normal car license in UK

Yes If you have a valid UK license you can drive in Australia

I'm from Holland where we drive right. We went on holiday to the UK (where they drive left) and my father (with driving license from a country where they drive right) can drive there so the answer is YES. You can also drive in the US with a UK license.

Assuming the license is a driver's license and not some other kind, you will need to pass an additional test in the UK, as the DVLA does not recognise a Pakistan license for the purposes of exchanging a full license.

You can drive for up to 6 months in Switzerland on a UK licence. After that, you need to exchange your UK licence for a Swiss one. You do not need to take another driving test, but you need to take an eye test.

There is no license in the UK. They are illegal there.

One can drive a motorcycle in Turkey with an International Driving Permit or a notarized copy of UK driving license. One will need an A category motorcycle license to drive a motorcycle over 50cc in Turkey.

you will need to be 17 with a FULL CAR LICENSE

EU driving licences are now valid in the UK, with no need to apply for a UK licence.

Yes. Any motorised vehicle in the United Kingdom requires a license.

No. You would need to get their E+C licence.


yes you can drive a 125cc motorcycle on a UK full driving license

In UK at least a full B1 you cannot ride a quad on a motorbike just need a full UK drivers license to drive a quad (if your in the UK), you also don't need to wear a helmet as its not a legal issue :D

It depends on the law of your individual state or country.In UK at least a B1

yes you do because it is not meant for roads it is meant for grass

you can drive a 7.5t license (also known as C1) on a car license only if passed before 1997

A license is not required in the UK.

Yes you can for up to one year, and then you have to get a UK licence.

No, you are too young to hold a UK license and too young for a US license.

I did, so there is no reason for you no to be able to.

In the UK there must be someone with a full driving license in the vehicle.

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