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Do you need a masters degree to teach at a private school?



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Masters Degrees and Private Schools You do not need a masters degree to teach at a private elementary, middle, or high school. You must have a valid teaching certificate for the grade or courses you are teaching. However, hiring teachers with advanced degrees is becoming much more popular at private schools these days. Teaching is a highly competitive field so that allows schools to be picky about who they hire. Also, many cities rank their private schools according to a number of parameters. If a private school has a high percentage of teachers with masters and/or doctorate degrees or even multiple advanced degrees that looks very good for the school. If you are interested in teaching at a private college you will, more than likely, need at least a masters degree. There is one area of private schooling that doesn't require a masters degree or even, in most states, a bachelors degree in education--homeschooling. If you would like more information about how to be a home school teacher, check out this site at http://www.christian-parenting-source.comthis would be the best way